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Walter is an in-browser wysiwyg HTML-editor, that runs on JavaScript.



Related Projects

World Of Empires

JustEmpire and TEmpire (Tiny Empire) are two Empire-derivative games based (very!) loosely on Walter Bright's original Empire concept (, using JustBasic ( and Borland Turbo C/C++ ( Others possible.

Mysiteproducer - Siteproducer: making content management seem easy/ :-)

This is my (Scott Walter) take on a content management system. I strive to create a CMS that is not only easy to use but looks just as sexy.

Artificialbrain - We are building the Robbie 's brain. Argentina. UTN

This is a new approach of IA. We are building a artificial brain and it will be in Robbie head. Robbie is a small robot of Walter Fritz.

Jplatformengine - A java platform for making platform games.

Walter Johnson High School Period 7 Game Design Class S.D. and O.L

ASP.NET 2.0 wrapper for wz_tooltip

wz_tooltip is a JavaScript library for displaying fancy tooltips (thanks to its author, Walter Zorn!). This project provides a custom web control which wraps wz_tooltip's functionality.

Aimc - A C++ Implementation of the Auditory Image Model

AIM-CAIM-C is a C++ version of the auditory image model (AIM). AIM is a computational model of the human auditory system. AIM was originally developed by Roy Patterson, and is documented in various publications including Patterson et al. (1995). This version of the code was originally witten by Tom Walters, with contributions from Willem van Engen, and was used for the experiments detailed in Walters (2011) and Monaghan et al. (2010). To get started, download the source, compile AIMCopy and have

Xna-wm - An XNA game made by two game programmers.

This is just a simple RTS game made in XNA. Made by Mike Hofstede and Walter Tamboer in about 40 hours. It is mostly based on the examples available at the xna creators website. Includes: Reading XML files for maps, unit definitions, animated sprites Unit movement along a line. Vector based Multiplayer Hud to create buildings 3 buildings 2 units Main menu Win condition(win when other has no more buildings.) Default starting resource Buildings and units cost resource Multi layer terrain. Mouse cl

Deducto - Deducto is a pattern matching game which challenges a person's logical thinking.

DEDUCTO is a board game composed of 25 black and white boxes arranged in various patterns. Different levels of deducto are each designed according to a different logic. You will have to identify the logic behind each level and categorize the presented board as TRUE or FALSE. If you succeed in correctly identifying the board, five times consecutively, then you are promoted to the next level. Every wrong answer brings down your efficiency. The basic idea behind Deducto was put forth by Mr. Walter

Gradle-wdc-plugins - Gradle Plugins developed by Walter Di Carlo

Here you can find the following Gradle plugins: gradle-svnkit - This plugin allows to associate projects managed with the Gradle build tool to Subversion repositories using the SvnKit library gradle-ws - A plugin to manage a set of projects as a workspace with variables defined in CSV files and Gradle scripts merged and synchronized in the root project.

Joostinasocialbot - Joostina socialbot

Joostina socialbot о�нован на оригинальном мамботе mosSociable 1.1.2 (автор Walter Cedric, 2006) Мамбот выводит ��ылки на ро��ий�кие �оциальные �ети.