Wallstreet bar software

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Application for Clubs, Bars, ... for changeable product prices (like on a stock market). Written in Delphi




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This is a stock app that displays the current price of a list of stocks that you provide. You can drill down to get more information, graphs and company news. The application also gives you an overview over the development on the worlds largest stock indexes and stock market news


A small but powerful homebanking application written in Java and based on HBCI4Java.

Q-mine - Advanced Data mining in Kdb+

kdb+ is a high performance vector database and application platform used on wallstreet. This project contains a collections of algorithms and applications to deal with data mining"

Bids - A basic network intrusion detection system.

NoteThe project has to stop for a fuckin' while due to the fuckin' economic crisis. FUCKIN' wallstreet, FUCKIN' politicians! YOU ARE ALL ASHHOLE. Thank you. BIDS will be back for sure! IntroductionBIDS, as the name shows, is a Basic Network Intrusion Detection System that helps IDS funs(if there are guys called that way) to learn the architecture and implementation of a simple (N)IDS starting from scratch. The initial code skeleton of BIDS is provided by project ipids written by Liu Wentao, whic

wallstreet - wallstreet are ecommerce plugins

wallstreet are ecommerce plugins

fracking - simple library to convert old wallstreet fractionals to decimals

simple library to convert old wallstreet fractionals to decimals


Analyzes social media servcies such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc to predict the mood towards wallstreet

Wallstreet - Genetic program for identifying an investment strategy

Genetic program for identifying an investment strategy

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