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This is a project to create a WallBoard for TFS.




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IPCC Wallboard

IPCC Wallboard gathers realtime information from Cisco IPCC Express 3.x+ and formats the information for display on call center wallboards.

TFS Cruiser

A big visible build status monitor for TFS. Get it on your wall-board!

Sators-status-board - A web based AJAX enabled status board pulling from the Kayako helpdesk system

3/3/10 Update: after upgrading our Kayako instance to v4, I realized how hard coded I had made the board...seriously considering some core rewrites to build more dynamics into it...who knows maybe even tying into v4's new API...mmm...tasty. Details of Project: http://blog.mattsatorius.com/technology/web-design/wccc-production-systems-status-board/ Admittedly, some of the code for departments has been hard coded, so this project is a checkout and implement at your own risk! I also offer custom st

wallboard - Simple Wallboard Script

Simple Wallboard Script

wallboard - wallboard experiement

wallboard experiement

Wallboard - Wallboard for CS stats

Wallboard for CS stats

wallboard - This is where the wallboard lives.

This is where the wallboard lives.

Wallboard - Our studio wallboard web service.

Our studio wallboard web service.

wallboard - Jira/Bamboo/Sonar Wallboard

Jira/Bamboo/Sonar Wallboard