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The T. J. Watson Libraries for Analysis (WALA) provide program analysis capabilities for Java bytecode and related languages. The WALA libraries constitute an open-source release of parts of IBM Research's DOMO analysis infrastructure.




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Wala-compiler - The WAve programming LAnguage

Wala is a programming language for writing applications on top of the Google Wave federation protocol. Wala is a mixture of template programming and JavaScript and is compiled to standard JavaScript by the wala-compiler. TutorialSee the Tutorial to learn more about Wala. Hello WorldA hello world in Wala consists of the main template that spills out some HTML. template main() { <h1>Hello World</h1> }Building the Wala CompilerWala builds on Linux and Windows and should work on Mac OS as well. See

Kelsstot - wala lang

e2 ang pick na gagawin kong background sa FS

Opensrc-angels - create the syllabus using the new format guideline

Friends, pa-pm nung name niyo ( LastName , FirstName ) sa ym ko renedy_016@yahoo.com para mailagay ko ung name niyo dun sa clone na ginawa ko dun sa opensrc-syllabus-formatter na site . . thank you! :) Kung wala dun ung name niyo when the time ends, sorry na lang . . :| so far, ito pa lang ung nakalagay dun: Chua, Nadine delos Reyes, Jane Gabuyo, Germaine Lopez, Matthew Piñera, Rene Reyes, Alden

Qlearn - Robot Learning using Q-Learning in a 2D Physics Environment

It is a simple framework that demonstrate the power of Q-Learning. Using Q-Learning, the robot can automatically adapt the structure of itself (E.g. Three legs, big head, long foot, snake shape) and depending on itself to learn to achieve certain goal (E.g. Walking, Rolling ... ). In order to use the framework, user only have to do two things 1) Create robot structure that he/she likes (By putting those body block together and use joint or actuator to connect them) 2) Specify a very simple funct

Summer - wala lang

wala lang

wala-trend - the trend of wala

the trend of wala

JS_WALA - WALA analyses and tools that are implemented in JavaScript

WALA analyses and tools that are implemented in JavaScript