Wake Up!

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Wake Up! is an ASP.Net web app that lets users wake machines on the server's LAN using WOL magic packets. Administrators may add, remove and control access to machines. This allows machines used remotely with VNC or RDP to be powered down if not in use.




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Mystats - MyStats keeps various data, shows charts and statistics

MyStats keeps various data, shows charts and statistics. FeaturesIt lets you: Create any number of data rows (supported data types are integer, real, boolean, time, text) Save any number of data values Get statistics and charts Export your data Usage exampleJust a few examples of the data you can keep with it: weight wake-up time number of cigarettes smoked ... All you have to do is: Create a data row Start adding data Get statistics and charts


This is a small program that reads and writes the WakeUp time in the BIOS. This is done via /dev/nvram on recent kernels (gt;2.4.6, including 2.6.x) or, alternatively, via direct ISA access. On this WakeUp time the computer is powered on automatically.

Monitor-your-oil-heating - Monitor the content of your oil depot, temperature(s), burner fail

Works on Arduino Uno. The project is useful for somebody who uses an oil heating. Parts of the project: measure the height of the oil in up to 8 similar depots (I use 5) using ultrasonic sensors (done) display information on an alphanumeric LCD (done) generate acoustical alarms during fillig or even when the depot is getting nearly empty (done) monitor the burner: alarm if burner fails and optional burn duration (planned) use a RTC to have time information in the box and wakeup the processor fro

Eegcs - Energy Efficient Global Clock Synchronization

: Wireless Sensor Networks rely on time synchronization to achieve common tasks like utilizing sleep/wakeup schedules, and for applications like target tracking, event monitoring, among others. Time synchronization is typically achieved by using a centralized entity that coordinates the process and allows every node synchronize to a common time. This method has drawbacks, however, as the centralized entity represents a single point of failure. This node could also be constrained due to energy or


A program for making a computer enter a suspended (sleep) state when the user has been inactive for some time, with a wakeup time calculated according to the at and cron queue.

SharePoint 2010 WarmUp Utility for SharePoint Administrators

SharePoint 2010 WarmUp Utility based and only based on PowerShell. Flexible enough to be handled and customized by the IT.

Htpc-wakeup-scheduler - XBMC and TVHeadend HTPC automatic wakeup and shutdown

Automatically manages shutdown and wakeup of HTPC. Based on information from TVHeadend XBMC (activity)

Picycle - A Bicycle-Computer based on a PIC 16F876A

FeaturesBasic featuresshows the speed show the distance show an average speed have a two-button user-interface (change display and reset) Advanced featuresan online adjustable wheel size (wheel circumference) extra distance and av. speed counter/display (e.g. for the trip) designed to be energy saving (sleep) change the frequency counting mode (time counting and pulse counting) will not be implemented estimates power with the help of an tilt sensor (inclinometer, realized with an accelerometer)