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Waimea is a fast and highly customizable virtual multiple desktop window manager. It supports advanced features like transparent textures and Xft fonts.




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Waimea Configurator

A waimea configurator with a gui interface

Kahakai Window Manager

Continuation of Waimea window manager with planned support for extensibility with Python (initially) and Ruby/Perl further down the road.


Denu is a program aimed at providing Gentoo Linux users with a menu generation program. Currently working for fluxbox, openbox, gnome, waimea and kde. It allows menu item masking, folder ordering and custom commands. Denu syncs to the web.


Waimea is a Visual Studio 2010 extension that generates an MSBuild script fragment which build solution projects in their correct order. This way one can better automate MSBuild into the Release Engineering process.

waimea.vim - Highlighting for Waimea config files

Highlighting for Waimea config files

waimea - Full-text indexing pipeline of Pig scripts.

Full-text indexing pipeline of Pig scripts.