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A broad collection of command-line-interface tools for performing machine learning operations. Each tool is a thin wrapper around functionality in a well-documented C++ class library. Waffles tools are designed to be simple, script-friendly, and to




Related Projects

WAFFLE: Windows Authentication Framework (MOVED TO GITHUB DONT POST HERE)

WAFFLE HAS MOVED TO GITHUB DONT POST HERE - GO HERE. The new home is http://dblock.github.com/waffle/.

Octalforty-waffle - Lightweight ASP.NET forum

A small and lightweight forum in ASP.NET

Pythondht - Distributed Hash Table in Python

An implementation of the Chord distributed hash table in python.

Octalforty-chinchillin - Deployment automation solution

octalforty ChinchillinChinchillin will make your deployments (even those over the Internet) completely automatic and reliable. It will start and stop web applications and Windows Services, backup and restore databases and directories, synchronize file system contents and perform various other deployment operations. What Is Chinchillin?Basically, Chinchillin is MSDeploy that doesn't suck and can actually be used. deployment-manifest version => "1.0" def server name => web, address => "

Ntlm-java - NTLM implementation for java

Microsoft NT LAN Manager (NTLM) Authentication Protocol implementation in java. This implementation is not OS-specific. It can be used on any platform. Single-sign-on (SSO) features can't be used with this implementation. To use SSO in windows environment please take a look at http://waffle.codeplex.com/ project. See NTLM description NtlmDescription. NTLM can be used in MS Office Communicator / Lync. It also can be used in windows network - Server Message Block (SMB). See example of usage ntlm-j

django-waffle - A feature flipper for Django.

A feature flipper for Django.

Jswaffle - It is JavaScript's framework for Android, and can make the APK file.

jsWaffle for Android It is javascript's framework. you can make the APK file easily.First, It can create Android template project for HTML/javascript. Eclipse to import it. You will modify HTML/JavaScript in assets dir. English manual: http://d.aoikujira.com/jsWaffle/wiki/index.php?Start%20Project --- 「jsWaffleã€�ã�¨ã�¯ã€�HTML/JavaScript ã�§ Android アプリを作るフレームワークã�§ã�™ã€‚ç°¡å�˜ã�ªãƒ•ã‚©ãƒ¼ãƒ ã�«ãƒ—ロジェクトå��(ã�¨å°‘ã�—ã�®è¨­å®šï¼‰ã‚’入力ã�—ã�Ÿã‚‰ã€�ボタãƒ

Waffle-iron - Personal projects of mine

Projects include a notifier to tell users if TomGreen.com is broadcasting.

Blogui - A JQuery Sandbox/WP Theme

Ok, I’m going to try and cover as many features with as little waffle as possible here, no easy task. What is it? Right, Blog’dUI is a Wordpress theme that uses Jquery to add flexibility and allow more content in the same space (and faster ) Who’s it aimed at? Everyone. Both Web Masters and Developers. Please note there are two release available. Two Releases? Yep, the Web Master version has had all the CSS/JS merged and is therefore a bit quicker on the load times. The Dev version leaves

Wafflets - Flash game project

Flash game project with small waffs included. Latest released version at Wafflets.org. Written in haxe. Brainstorming is done on the waffle etherpad