Wireless Advertising Engine

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Wade is a tool for allowing Wireless AP administrators to selectively inject content into their users sessions. One can insert their own advertising, restrict content, and perform other content related tasks.




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Chinese to Pinyin

Support Chinese character (both Simplified and Tranditional) to most popular Pinyin systems, including Hanyu Pinyin, Tongyong Pinyin, Wade-Giles, MPS2, Yale and Gwoyeu Romatzyh. Support multiple pronounciations and customized output.

Antf - Extension to python's unittest / doctest for assumption testing

Antf is an extension of the unittest framework that allows for abstraction of assumptions. Assumption testing basically means we don't run certain tests if other tests those tests assume are True have failed. This saves us the hassle of wading through a long stream of stack traces when something low in our stack breaks

Otp-base - OTP Base is a Make based build system that supports well structured OTP applications on L

This project has moved to github you can find the OTP Base code hereThe OTP Base is a build environment that supports the OTP way of building applications with the Erlang programming language. The reason to use OTP Base is that it makes creating OTP applications very simple. You no longer have to wade through docs trying to figure out what a .script file is for. OTP Base provides the following core tree structure which corresponds to the Erlang OTP design principles. OTP Base is an Erlware proje

Clmt - Craigs List Multi Tool - Concatenated searches, search schedules, emails, and more!

The Craigslist search functionality sucks. Having to wade through hundreds of posts to find what you want wastes your precious time. This project is an attempt to take some smaller ideas I've had about searching craigslist, and combining them all together to make a really powerful search tool. Goals: Concatenating results from multiple specific searches Searching a large amount of cities at once Search timers, with new results sent directly to your email Responding/tagging/saving craigslist post

Jade-web-toolkit - JADE Web Toolkit (JWT)

JADE(Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) and WADE(Workflows and Agents Development Environment) based experimental project First Goals:1. Maven2 Multi Module Project 전환(Jade & Wade, Add-ons, 3rd-parties,etc.) JADE 4.0.1, JDK 1.6, Maven2, SVN 2. Build Validation & Verfication Remote Repository 구축(SVN) # Artifact(jars) 최신화 � Build 검� # Dependancy Documentations Ant Build 재작성 � �작 검�(include Demos,Tests, Examples) # Documentations & Screenshots JADE 4.0.1 Integrati

Pathfinder - A simple swing based path finding application

SummaryPathFinder is a free, demonstrative swing based program that uses the A* algorithm to attempt to find the shortest path between two points. This was one of my assignments at University, and I hope someone can find this helpful while wading through routing algorithms on the internet. FeaturesCustom maze size selection Intuitive GUI Optimized A* algorithm Simulated seeking Helpful LinksHere are some links I found especially useful when learning about pathfinding and the A* algorithm: Patric

Asteroids-mahade1 - 2D Space arcade game

Asteroids - Encounters in Space!! Version - 1.0 Developed using: Python 2.6.1 (http://www.python.org/download/) Pygame 1.8.1 (http://www.pygame.org/download.shtml) Hello and Welcome! You are aboard a spaceship that is spinning endlessly in the vacuum. Your aim is to destroy the evil alien king. But alas..you will have to wade your way through his minions over 6 levels. Good luck! CONTROLS: UP \t- \tUP ARROW DOWN \t-\tDOWN ARROW LEFT\t-\tLEFT ARROW RIGHT\t-\tRIGHT ARROW PAUSE\t-\tSPACE Notes: 1.

Sselinux - Linux Project 2010

Wander See, Wade, Melo's Linux project.

思源围棋官方网站 Internet Online Go 联网 手机 围棋 打谱 在线 IGS android weiqi baduk 바둑

思源围棋官方网站 Go (Japanese:碁?), known in Chinese as weiqi (simplified Chinese: 围棋; traditional Chinese: 圍棋; pinyin: wéiqí; Wade-Giles: wei ch'i) and in Korean as baduk (hangul: 바둑), is an ancient board game for two players that is noted for being rich in strategy despite its simpl...