WADA - W3WP ADvanced Process Attacher

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The WADA Visual Studio 2010 Add-In aims to solve the problem of finding the correct W3WP process ID when debugging web applications (for us w/ Office SharePoint Server 2007). It shows the process ids alongside app pool names and enables filtering by application pool and acco...




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FracGEN is the ultimate fractal generator. It generates different forms of fractals - geometrical and mathematical both with beautiful 2D images. It even develops 3D fractals which forms the best part of this product. Some of the fractals that can be generated using it are : Barnsley Fern, Koch Snowflake, Hilbert Space Curve, Viscek Fractal, TSquare , Mandelbrot Set , Julia Set, Newton's Fractal, Wada Basins, Menger Sponge, Sierpinski Pyramid, Inverse Sierpinski Pyramid, Lotus 3D , animato Cube

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JS開発スターターキット��スターターキット��以下���れ��。 インスタンス変数�メソッドをプライベートスコープ化�� JS クラス�サンプル QUnit �よる JS テストケース�サンプル 上記テストケースをコマンドライン�ら Phantomjs を利用��呼�出��出力を TAP 化�るサンプル( CI 連�用 ) Aptana Studio3 用�プロジェクトファイル 別途 Phantomjs �インストール

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nothing,just a try

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My attempt to do it using UCT and minimal domain knowledge. This does not seem to work v well (it might be that I have some implementation issues). I can try to improve it, and see how it fares against Alpha-Beta (not implemented yet). http://www.cs.mcgill.ca/~jpineau/comp424/

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TDDBC Fukuoka Wada TeamTDDBC ??2???@t_wada?@dekokun?????????????????????? ???????????? http://t.co/w50G0lvn ??????????4?????????