WabbitStudio Z80 Software Tools

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The software suite provides all of the tools you need to create high quality Z80 software in Z80 assembly language, with a focus on TI calculators.




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Wxwabbitemu - wxWabbitemu, a TI-8x emulator based on Wabbitemu

What is it?wxWabbitemu is a branch of Wabbitemu, a TI-8x emulator with many features. Wabbitemu is the currently most used TI-8x emulator. This project is Wabbitemu, using wxWidgets GUI Toolkit for front-end development. This is aimed at Linux users, since there are native Mac OS and Windows versions. These versions can be found here: http://wabbit.codeplex.com/releases/view/44625 How to get it?Since the code isn't exactly stable, we don't provide binary releases. You must build wxWabbitemu your

Asmdevset - ASM development IDE built using XUL

this is a ASM development IDE built using XUL. It is specifically made for z80 assembling using the spasm assembler. future support might possibly include assembling and then running the assembled file directly in wabbitemu. NewsOk, I'm deleting all of the source...just get it from all the new releases... I just created a new Twitter account to tweet small changes and such. https://twitter.com/ADEUpdates I also uploaded the SVN, so yeah. Created a blog so you can stay more in touch with all the

Wabbitcode - A z80 calculator IDE for the Mac

WabbitCode is a z80 IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for OS X. It's written using the Cocoa framework in Objective-C, and requires 10.5.5 to run. It features a tabbed text editor, syntax highlighting, code completion, built in assembling, source level debugging, and much more. The user interface is modeled after Xcode, but tuned specifically for z80 calculator development. Note: To anyone awaiting updates, development on this project is still active and I will post a major update when ti

Wabbitemuqt - The Qt (now KDE) port of Revolution Software's WabbitEmu - a TI-83 Plus calculator

Currently relies on KDE 4 libraries and the GD graphics library (both are available in the official Fedora 11 repository) See thread here for more info A 64-bit binary in source/Release_gui_kde is included and may already work for you > Download using: svn checkout http://wabbitemuqt.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ wabbitemuqt-read-only Then edit build3.sh in the "source" directory if necessary so that QTINCLUDEDIR, QTMOCDIR, KDEINCLUDEDIR, and KDELIBDIR point to the correct directories Run build3.sh

Vowpal-Wabbit-Demo - Getting started with Vowpal Wabbit

Getting started with Vowpal Wabbit


Controls and instrumentation to operate Vowpal Wabbit from R

bors - Wrapper for the VowpalWabbit library

Wrapper for the VowpalWabbit library

vowpal_porpoise - lightweight python wrapper for vowpal wabbit

lightweight python wrapper for vowpal wabbit

vowpal_scallion - scala wrapper for vowpal wabbit

scala wrapper for vowpal wabbit