Waba Virtual Machine

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A small, efficient and reliable java virtual machine aimed at portable devices (but also runnable on desktop computers), initially written by Rick Wild of Wabasoft. This account is for the development of the VM core and the associated core java packages.




Related Projects


wabadma is a set of classes for use with the WabaVM under PalmOS.


Wabburami is a waba version of the classic Hammurabi game for PalmOS.


Leitner system flashcard trainer -- Keywords: JDictP jdictp dictionary Palm PalmOS Waba SuperWaba Java TEI ufolib learn education

SuperWaba IDE

A Eclipse plugin that provides support for developing applications for SuperWaba VM. For binary packages, use the update site, please (see project home page).

Waba Open Robot Framework (WORF)

WORF is an open and extensible API framework upon which developers can build new and interesting embedded robot software applications on the Waba platform for their robot creation.

The Jazilla Project

The Jazilla project aims to create Mozilla compatible rendering engines for XUL and HTML. Currently Mozilla compatible XUL engines for J2SE and SuperWaba are in development, along with a Swing based HTML renderer.


Michimalonco is a relational Database engine written in SuperWaba. It offer a small solution for PDA (Palm O.S. and WinCE).


SuperWaba is a Virtual Machine for handhelds. Runs in PalmOS, Windows CE, Win32, and is fully emulated under JDK/browser. Supports Exceptions, has a complete set of UI controls (Palm/WinCE), double and long, grayscale/color, sockets/serial/IR/Bluetooth


Designed to collect fisheries data linked to GPS coordinates from small fixed wing aircraft. SQL database runs on WinCE, Palm PDA amp; other platforms. Program was written using SuperWaba: a robust java-like development environment for handheld devices.

Ultima Java

Ultima I-V RPGs redeveloped in Java. Initial goal is a faithful remake of the Ultima 1 re-release by Origin for the IBM PC that runs on any computer with a Java/SuperWaba VM and bitmapped graphics. Ultimately, it will run on most modernish platforms.

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