Windows 8 QuickStart Templates

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This project contains Windows 8 QuickStart templates.



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Vivvo Template Engine is a light-weight yet powerful template engine written in PHP and completely PREG based. The system is currently v0.9, beta release.It consists of only one highly-optimized object-oriented class, using basic, widely used tags like {if}, {foreach}, {literal}, {include}, {variable}. Its power comes from full support for objects, method calls, arrays and recursive templates.Example usage: Basic template (index.tpl) using recursive inclusion of list.tpl template.Index.tpl:-----

Mediaurls - Custom URLs for media assets in Movable Type 4.x or newer

MediaURLs is a free plugin for Movable Type 4.x that provides a few simple template tags that allow you to easily make use of multiple domains or subdomains to host media assets for your site such as css and javascript files, images, downloads or more. The original idea for the plugin came from information on the Yahoo! Developer Network's "Performance" site. Tags ProvidedThe plugin provides access to four new template tags which can be used to separate the distribution of your CSS, JS and image

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Mini CMS without database - flatfile systemCreate your own website type portfolio, with Nanomus is a fast and secure flatfile web solution without MySQL database and without cookie for bests performances. Standards compliance is an especially important requirement when choosing a content management system, Nanomus is full XHTML Strict, UTF-8, tableless and use URL Friendly. And you can create your own template only with the CSS file ! It's very small, very simple, really easy to use and fastest.

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Web Portrait Sales ManagementWPSM is a tool for portrait studios and photographers to sell prints to their clients online. It is currently in the early development stages, so stay tuned for alpha releases in the near future. Current functionalities:Client login screen Load photographs and client information from a password-protected XML file GUI for choosing a photo's properties such as size (or photo packages), quantity, which photo, and color or b/w Live preview during choosing the properties

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JQWicket provides a simple, intuitive but powerful bridge between the JQuery Javascript Library and Wicket Framework and gives developer the capability to build jquery-enabled wicket components with only few lines of code. Furthermore it offers a rich component library of "wicketized" jquery plugins implemented as wicket behaviors. For more information see jqwicket behaviors page. News29.12.2011 JQWicket 0.8 released. Download distribution here- Wicket 1.5.3 / JQuery 1.7.1 support - OSGi ready -

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TRONPurposeThe basic template has been created to play TRON, as well as all the necessary functions / classes that will need to be implemented or inherited in order to write the AI. An example AI is provided in the source code. This idea was one individual's idea on a bright, sunny day, whilst standing in line for ice cream. He thought it would be a great idea to make a Tron AI and verse his AI against his friend, to see who could make the better AI. One thing lead to another, and he has decided

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IntroductionPubMed-EX is a browser extension that marks up PubMed search results with additional information retrieved from IASL & IISR text-mining services. PubMed-EX's page mark-up includes section categorization, gene/disease name, and relation. The mark-ups of PubMed-EX can help researchers quickly focus on key information in retrieved abstracts and can provide additional background information on key terms. Furthermore, our text-mining server carries out all text-mining processing, freeing

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LiteSite is a browser based answer to the rise of apps in the Internet. LiteSite represents a PHP based website development framework with a strong focus to master the fragmentation of surfing devices with one website only. During the last years no browser-based answer was found to master the plethora of new surfing devices and platforms what finally ended in the wallet garden approach of web apps. LiteSite was developed to provide web-developers and web-designers a powerful multi-serving tool w

Jsclasses-integrator - RIA JavaScript Classes Integrator

IntroductionRIA JsClasses Integrator. JavaScript fast team development solutions for all popular frameworks. Main ideas of this package Using MooTools Classes (as exemple JavaScript Class building) Using Zend Framework like style coding Using JsDoc for JavaScript class documenting (tag @requires for JS class linking) Prebuilding all class to one Js-file The resulting file rebuild and he changed the name, if changes were made in at least one of the classes (or dependent classes), requesting your

Rathaxes - Rathaxes, a DSL for driver developement

rathaxesRathaxes is a DSL (domain specific language) which will allow to describe the driver completely.more... motivationsAccording to recent studies, up to 70% of an operating system's code is driver code. This code is often quite technical, very close to hardware, and up to 7 times more bug-prone than normal code. Rathaxes allow you to describe easily interactions between the kernel and low level registries. sample of a serial driverDEVICE rs232{\tREGISTER(R) BIT[8] rcv_buff LIKE(........) @(