Warcraft III Replay Parser for PHP

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Warcraft III Replay Parser for PHP pulls out the information stored in *.w3g Warcraft III replay files (players' nicks, races, units, etc.) and enables you to use them on your webpage.




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Izi-reps-reloaded - IZI-Reps is a PHP-Code for sharing and analyzing Warcraft 3 Replay-Files

This project's goal is to enhance and improve the existing but also outdated izi-reps Script by "S0k4R / CoW.GuMMi". Following features should be added: - include the latest version of "W3G-Parser" by Julas Gonera (URL: http://w3rep.sourceforge.net/) - Categories to navigate (multilevel hierarchy) - Filter Replays by WC3-Version - Tagging? Although this project's license is labeled as "GNU GPL v3" it is not allowed by the original authors, to use this for commercial issues. Here's the full germa

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