W3MAIL - Web Mail

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W3MAIL - fast and small webmail client written in PHP5. It provides easy webmail access to IMAP accounts and has very few requirements to install. Features multi-language support, simple contacts manager, MIME attachments, displays HTML messages.




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Modular web site spider for web developers.

Mailsharepl - MailShare - Lepsza Alterantywa

MailShareMailshare to najnowszy program służący do wymiany plików w technologii peer2mail czyli za pośrednictwem darmowych skrzynek pocztowych. Ten sposób wymiany plików jest dużo bardziej bezpieczniejszy od metody bezpośredniej wymiany plików peer2peer. Maishare dzieli pliki na mniejsze części tzw party. Poszczególne kawałki są wysyłane na konto mailowe. Po pobraniu wszystkich części zostają one scalone w oryginalny plik. Takie rozwiązanie pozwala użytkownikowi przetrzymywa

Uri-templates - URI Templates

URI Templates allow you to leave parts of a URI to be filled in by a client before the are used, e.g.: http://example.org/{userid}See RFC6570 for more information. This project contains the materials used to produce some of the pre-RFC drafts, as well as some accompanying code used to prove parts of the RFC. Please join the W3C URI mailing list to participate in the discussions about URI Templates. ImplementationsThe Python implementation started here has been moved to a github project. We also

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Celem projektu jest stworzenie Portalu do :Zarządzania redakcja. Pilnowanie klientów Zmówienia Zarządzanie artykułami Składanie numeru itd

Pmailgroup - Pmail the easy way to send email

The projectThe project Pmail (PHP Mail) is to add more functionality to applications where they need to send mass e-mail to its customers, employees and all that comprise. The Pmail is basically an e-mail marketing manager bringing to its user greater control over the layout and created mails ... Why should I use?Increasing the strength of communication and interactivity with the public and businesses are showing more solidarity, so a successful one is one that ensures your image to the people.

Risiko-ww3 - Risiko World War 3

This game will become a clone of the famous Risko II strategy game. The idea of the game is, that you can play every map that you want, if you have that map as an normal .gif image. With the help of the MapEditor, you can make your own maps (sure it's an annoying job to pixel such a map, but its possible for everyone). In future, there will be a few mods working with maps like the World of Warcraft map, so you have the WoW map, the units and a much more WoW-like ingame menue. I hope we could get

FalconMail - PHP/MySQL Powered

FalconMail is a PHP/MySQL Webmail client. It runs on a webserver, allowing access from anywhere. It supports IMAP, POP3, IMAP folders, and eventually IMAP w/ SSL. It will also eventually incorporate many features like those in Microsoft Outlook, or Xim

flap mail user agent

flap is a mail user agent written in pure Java. Its main distinctive feature is mounting message folders (like POP3 or IMAP) into a virtual folder tree, just like on Unix. Other features: macros language (w/ BeanShell) and extensive filter rules.

Yaposib - Yet Another Python OSI Binding

DescriptionLike pyosi, yaposib allows you to use COIN-OR'S Open Solver Interface from python, but it is a bit more pythonic. It was created in order to be integrated with pulp-or. InstallingMake sure you have boost::python, then use easy_install or pip: sudo easy_install yaposibSee Install for building yaposib against your own Osi build. Example """ builds the following problem 0 <= x <= 4 -1 <= y <= 1 0 <= z 0 <= w minimize obj = x + 4*y + 9*z such that: c1: x+y <= 5 c2: x+z >= 10 c3: -y+z == 7