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Warcraft III jsp bot.




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Webgenerator - a C# html generator

There are a lot of HTML editors all over the web and a lot of code generators also yet no one fitted my needs. Therefor web generator will first of all be a simple generator of HTML code. I will consider it a personal victory if it'll generate something else like ASP, ASP .NET, PHP, JSP, RoR or any other known language with which you can build web sites. First phase is implementing HTML 4. Second phase is a Visual CSS generator. Project will be entirely developed with C# (3.5) and perhaps Mono w

Wulumuqi - Java web application framework

There are many Java web application frameworks out there. Struts, Velocity, Turbine to name a few. Many of these MVC framework claim to separate the presentation layer (view) from the model and controller, but fails miseriably. The frontend HTML guy should not be writing conditionals and loops. The programmer should not be writing HTML. Wulumuqi is AJAX on the serverside. With AJAX, javascript code manipulate the HTML document on the client-side using W3C DOM. With Wulumuqi, scripts (called Docu

Rdfwysiwyg - editeur RDFa wysiwyg

OjectifEtendre un éditeur WYSIWYG existant (FCKEditor) pour manipuler du RDFa (http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml-rdfa-primer/): Ajouter du contenu RDFa à une page Éditer des éléments RDFa dans une page Extraire l'ensemble des annotations RDFa en utilisant GRDDL

Maven-web-plugin - Maven Web Plugin

maven-web-plugin is a plugin that allows dependency management on projects that does not define default paths for dependecies. it is based on the maven-war-plugin and maven-dependency-plugin but aims to permit maven dependency management on project developed on languages other then java, like php, asp, jsp. A pom.xml sample: <project xmlns="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0 http://maven.a

Omtt - Object Model Transformation Templates, alpha stage

Wiki is available only in Polish now. It will be translated before beta-release. Czym jest OMTT?OMTT jest językiem służącym do przekształcania danych o strukturze obiektowej do formatu tekstowego takiego, jak HTML, XML, JSON czy kod w innym języku programowania. Należy do klasy systemów szablonów, choć bardziej niż tradycyjne szablony będące dokumentami z lukami do uzupełnienia przypomina pełny język programowania. OMTT promuje podejście deklaratywne, jednocześnie kładąc naci


Features -Manage Access on JSF Pages or Page Expressions Easily -Redirect Custom Error Page -Regular Expression Support -Easy Group and Group rights Definitions on Pages or Page ExpressionsExample access.xml file<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><access error="/error.jsp" \txmlns="urn:access" \txmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" \txsi:schemaLocation="urn:access access.xsd">\t<rule name="/*" private="false"/>\t<rule name="/test2.jsp" private="true">\t\t<groups>\t\t\t<group

Email-to-phone - Access email by regular phone and send email-triggered alert phone call

EmailToPhone enables you to access your email by regular telephone, and to trigger telephone call by email. This application is based on the VoiceXML technology, a W3C open standard for interactive telephone applications. VoiceXML applications must be deployed on a VoiceXML gateway. This project uses Voicent's VoiceXML gateway, which is not part of this project. With some minor change, you should be able to deploy this project on other VoiceXML gateway.You can download a free shareware edition o

Concentre-xforms - Pure javascript XForms 1.1 processor and XML framework

Concentré is a XForms/Xml framework based on 2 differents projects : xslt2xforms, libxforms. The main goal is to provide an entreprise grade client and server side XForms 1.1 basic solution based on w3c standards. Concentré is not a new project. I'm working on from some years but unfortunately I've haven't got enough time to promote it as I wanted. This year I've decided to rewrite part of Concentré project. The main goal is to provide the best XForms processor. Concentré XForms is a full ja

Gagawa - Dynamically Build Well-Formed HTML Using Java or PHP

<overview />Gagawa is an HTML Generator library written in Java and PHP. It allows developers to easily and dynamically build well-formed HTML in web or non-web applications. In Java, Gagawa is especially useful when traditional HTML generation engines such as Java Server Pages (JSP's) are unavailable. In PHP, Gagawa frees developers from hand-writing HTML in PHP web applications. Although you can build an entire site using Gagawa, most developers use Gagawa in conjunction with other libraries t

Ajofc - Java API for Open Flash Chart 2

为温州动车事故的�难者默哀,愿他们安�AJOFC stands for "Another Java API for Open Flash Chart 2" :) wiki入� �到任何问题或有任何建议,请邮件至:zzxx513@gmail.com或zhangxiao@xiaomi.com If you meet any problems, pls email to zzxx513@gmail.com or zhangxiao@xiaomi.com. 看这里,5分钟�懂�常简�,真的,�管你信�信,�正我信1,如何在网页中使用OpenFlashChart2?(OFC2)用OFC2展示一个图形总共分三步:(�代�