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Play chess via mail and web.




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Hymmnoserver - English version of GUST's Hymmnoserver, documenting the Hymmnos language found in

Hymmnoserver is a fan-translated version of the Japanese-language HYMMNOSERVER. The English-language version is a blind reimplementation using Python, PHP, and MySQL, running on Apache. OverviewThe purpose of this project is to make the world of GUST and Banpresto's Ar tonelico series more accessible to its English-speaking fanbase. The English Hymmnoserver's origin, its primary live implementation, may be accessed at http://hymmnoserver.uguu.ca/, with its primary mirror at http://hamsterx.homel

Xpchess - Chinese Chess Game for X(2/3/4) Players 多人中国象棋

中国象棋通常是两个人玩的。 但如果将棋盘由2边�相为3或4边,就�以给更多人玩了。 这是本项目命�为XpChess的由�。 为了让局�得良好控制,以�棋盘的美观起�,建议X��大于4。 赶紧玩一下�� 有什么建议么?请�邮件告诉我:xpchess#sigma.name 用户手册:HTML PDF Chinese chess game is usually for 2 players. But if we change the 2-side chessboard into 3 or 4 sides, more persons can join the game. That's w

Chesswhiz - An open source Adobe Flex Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) wizard

An open source Adobe Flex Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) wizard. Currently, it is designed to work with only the server at PlayXiangqi.com A desktop build based on Adobe Air is also included in the project's roadmap. Latest NewsApr 03, 2010Released version 1.1.5 that improves the RESET command and the Replay view mode. Jan 23, 2010Released version 1.1.4 that supports the Resume-After-Disconnect feature Note: This release is built on top the latest Adobe Flex 3.5 SDK Jan 15, 2010Released version 1.1.1 w

Lib-gwt-svg - a library to add SVG graphics to GWT applications

lib-gwt-svg is a graphical library which provides SVG capabilities to GWT applications. It attempts to achieve the following goals: Provide a clean, GWT-friendly API Hide the idiosyncrasies of vendor SVG implementations Reuse existing GWT features wherever possible to eliminate code duplication and impedance mismatch Stick to the W3C standard, unless it duplicates an existing GWT feature or the GWT feature is incomplete It offers the following features: GWT exposition of 100% of the JavaScript A

Chinesechessjam - Artificial intelligence chiness chess game.

------------------------------“The question of whether computers can think is like the question of whether submarines can swim."------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Edsger W. Dijkstra(1930-2002)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This project describes the current state of computer Chinese chess (Xiang Qi). For two reasons,Chinese-chess pr

w2d3 - Victor and Jason create the game of Chess

Victor and Jason create the game of Chess

chess - w2d3 - serialization and a bunch of other stuff

w2d3 - serialization and a bunch of other stuff