W1 Repeater

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w1 repeater is a linux-specific utility daemon for the 1-wire kernel subsystem.




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Palm2ical - Reads Palm Desktop datebook.dat and outputs a iCalendar file

This is a PHP script that reads a Palm Desktop (Tested with 4.1.4) datebook.dat file and comes up with a iCalendar format file for use in anything supporting RFC 2445. Download link is on the right hand side.I have also written a decoder for address.dat, but nothing beyond putting birthdays on my google calendar has been done.:: Tested with ::Google Calendar,Apple iCal 2.0.3,Mozilla Sunbird 0.2RC2,Sept 13th remaining issuesGoogleCalendar is anal about EXDATE like iCal is.Sunbird 0.2RC2 doesn't w

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Emu's Encryption ToolReadme1. Whats this tool about?Emu's Encryption Tool is an application that encrypts text using polyalphabetic methods used in the middle ages. Because there are no mathematical functions or formulas the encrypted texts can't be cracked using bruteforce attacks or other password cracking methods used in IT security. The texts are encrypted with random codes and fixed passwords but can also be used as an One-Time-Pad (OTP) which uses extreme long random passwords and codes an

Glex-lib - A simple event-state-layout base framework for GWT

We are changing the core of the code now to use CSS3 Display:Box model. Some stuff may not work until notice What is Glex Glex is a GWT library that aims to provide a simple Events, Layout, and State base system to Google Web Toolkit. It also provides helper classes to allow developers to easy develop layout based UI based on DIV Layout and HTML 5 standards. Glex aims to support both pure java code GWT projects or projects using UiBinder. You can try Glex out but it is currently not recommended

Acyclic - Python code for cycle detection via topological sort

Python implementation based on algorithm described by Kavitha and Mathew in "Faster Algorithms for Online Topological Ordering" http://archive.csa.iisc.ernet.in/TR/2007/12/IISc-CSA-TR-2007-12.pdf also see "Faster Algorithms for Incremental Topological Ordering" Bernhard Haeupler Telikepalli Kavitha Rogers Mathew Siddhartha Sen Robert E. Tarjan http://web.mit.edu/haeupler/www/Haeupler,Kavitha,Mathew,Sen,Tarjan_-_Faster_Algorithms_for_Incremental_Topological_Ordering.pdf For practical application,

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Header Tool IN ORDER TO HAVE ALL LAST FEATURES, KEEP YOU UPDATED WITH LAST VERSION DOWNLOADABLE HERE. ADDONS.MOZILA.ORG STILL PUBLISHING AN OUTDATED VERSION. Using this tool you can easy modify header on each HTTP call on the Mozilla Firefox. The tool is based on the same main stream idea of modify header but use a more simple text editor interface more quicker do edit and to store and save for multiple and repeated test cases. As example you can save your header in a simple txt file and reuse i

Dhquery - DHCP command-line query and testing tool

DHCP command-line query and testing toolHistoryI needed some DHCP testing tool for my projects, based on FreeRADIUS dhcp code. dhcping had no DISCOVER packet handling, it couldn't do stress test and didn't allow changing request parameters. Also, I needed Nagios testing plugin for DHCP cluster testing. Featuresdhquery can send any common packet type, repeat it several times for stress testing or perform cycle testing: DISCOVER, REQUEST and RELEASE. Also it can work as a Nagios plugin. Requiremen

Stan-js - Better compliance for older IEs

AboutStan is a single Javascript file containing several pre-IE9-compatibility libraries. I put this together while working on Smood and thought it would be helpful to you if you don't want your modern CSS layout to look like a hot mess in old IEs. Stan contains: IE9.js and ie7-squish.js for fixing many HTML and CSS issues and making transparent PNGs work correctly DD_roundies for border-radius support Floatacious for CSS2.1 float rendering To use Stan in your own project, include these lines in

Protobuf-c - C bindings for Google's Protocol Buffers

OverviewThis package provides a code generator and runtime libraries to use Protocol Buffers from pure C (not C++). It uses a modified version of protoc called protoc-c. DocumentationSee our wiki for documentation. We are working on a page of Examples - please consider helping us improve it by reviewing it in partial draft form! NewsMar 10, 2011protobuf-c 0.15 is released. This is a bug-fix release. make protobuf_c_message_init() into a function (Issue #49, daveb) Fix for freeing memory after un

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Project move to my own repository please visit: http://projects.jgotti.net/projects/drycss/wiki/dryCss for the latest version. dryCssThis is a Css framework written in javascript. For now only the parser will be presented, i'm actually working on it, and then will work on a web gui. What mean dryCssDRY is an acronym meaning Dont't Repeat Yourself. If you're looking at this page i suppose that you already know what Css stand for. What is it ?This is a tool to assist you in creating css quicker. W

Go-fastweb - A MVC framework for the Go programming language

fastweb aims to be a simple, small and clean MVC framework for Google's Go programming language. Sample UsageYou can find a very basic example in the "example" directory and the demo page. Basically the controller is implemented as follow: package mainimport ( "fastweb" "os")type Products struct { fastweb.Controller Name string Brand string Features []string Specifications []string Image string}func (p *Products) View(id string) os.Error { if id == "ah64" { p.Name = "RC Apache AH64 4-Channel Ele