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Wcalc is a powerful arbitrary-precision calculator. It has standard functions (sin, asinh, logtwo, floor, etc), many pre-defined constants (pi, e, c, etc.), variables, quot;activequot; variables, command history, and hex/octal/binary i/o, conversions, and more




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Pyivo - command line tool for fetching Microsoft Exchange data through MAPI

PYivoyivo_run.[exe|py] - command line tool that is used for dumping all MS Exchange properties data in csv through MAPI. mapi_calcmapi_calc.[exe|py]calculates simple statistics for exchange. In use for backup software testing: toolkit allows to detect how exchange internal structure/properties are changed after backup/restore and etc. May be used as an example how to work with mapi via python. Dependencies:PyWin32 SpamBayes PyYaml CharDet Operating systemTested with w2k3 x32, w2k8 x64 Exchange v

Javacalculus - Java Calculus Library

javaCalc: an open-source Java calculus library by Seth Shannin and Duyun ChenIntroductionJava is one of, if not the most common programming language taught today. Java is taught in high school through the AP curriculum and is also featured in many universities’ introductory computer science courses. As such, it is considered somewhat essential that the language be backed with the full functionality that could reasonably be expected of it even in these beginner level classes. The aim of this pr

Mashup-michaeleoneal-customtable - Tabel w Calced Itmes

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Php-forker - run and demonize the PHP scripts from WEB pages

php-forker "php-forker" is a program written in C. I is used to start console PHP scripts in the background from a PHP script serving a web request. Problem description. The usage of the PCNTL (Process Control support) extension applicable for the task, is not recommended in WEB scripts, and a plain "system()" call from a PHP script creates a zombie shell process: system('/usr/local/bin/php script.php &'); As a solution, php_forker demonizes a php-cli process that runs a console php script: syst

Dpsonhasteandrotation - WoW Ele Shamy DPS Calc

WoW Ele Shamy DPS calculation based on Haste and Rotation only

Gpsturbo - application for geocaching, print maps, upload to your GPSr and more.

gpsturbo is an application for geocaching. It allows viewing of geocaches on maps and printing them. It also allows you to create custom filters and upload and download geocaches to your GPSr. You can download tracks from your GPSr and view them overlayed on maps. It currently supports Garmin's IMG format maps, Openstreetmap format (xml) maps as well as downloadable tile based maps. For uploading and downloading to your GPSr it uses GPSBabel It currently runs on Windows, Linux and Macintosh. I w

W32-exec-calc-shellcode - 100 bytes null-free 32-bit Windows shellcode that executes calc.exe (all O

This project has been replaced by win-exec-calc-shellcode, which contains a smaller version of this shellcode (and a x64 version).

Madcow - Extensible IRC/SILC/AIM bot written in Python

OverviewMadcow is an extensible python IRC bot with support for SILC and AIM. It is fully customizable and has a simple API for creating modules that extend its functionality. Madcow ships with modules that emulate classic Infobot behavior and many other fun or useful utilities. RequirementsPython 2.5 or higher If you wish to use Madcow with the SILC protocol, you will need to install the silc-toolkit and pysilc libraries. The memebot module requires SQLObject and a backend (MySQLdb or pysqlite3

Win-exec-calc-shellcode - A small, null-free Windows shellcode that executes calc.exe (x86/x64, all

Three small null-free shellcodes for x86 and x64 versions of Windows 5.0-6.1 (2000, XP, 2003, 2008, 7) all service packs that executes calc.exe. Sizes (build 122): x86: 75 bytes (80 with stack alignment) x64: 77 bytes (82 with stack alignment) x86+x64: 156 bytes (161 with stack alignment) Features: NULL Free Windows version and service pack independant. No assumptions are made about the values of registers. x86: "/3GB" compatible: pointers are not assume to be smaller than 0x80000000. DEP/ASLR c

Bmi-calc - Kalulator BMI

Bardzo prosty program na telefony z systemem operacyjnym Windows Mobile obliczający nasze BMI w zależności od płci, wzrostu i wagi.