Vyper CMS

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Vyper is a modular, transparent CMS designed to integrate with -- rather than to comprise -- a site. Each module exists independently, carrying out its function when requested, in a content-centric, rather than application-centric environment.




Related Projects

Paramiko-demos - Paramiko Demos

Demos from the Paramiko Python Extension reworked to use the standard VyperLogix Library. The VyperLogix Library now has support for SFTP that requires very little code for the developer who wishes to use all this power.

Vyperblog - VyperBlog(tm) Open Source jQuery Blog for the Google App Engine

Project GoalMake a universal site template for the Google Cloud (Google App Engine) and maintain it through all released versions of the GAE (Google App Engine); current release is GAE 1.3.5 VyperBlog(tm)is an Open Source jQuery-powered Blog for the Google App Engine. is a native Django 1.1 Application. Any programmer should be able to maintain and extend VyperBlog(tm). provides native support for Bookmarking. provides 3 ways to classify your posts, Tags, Categories and Languages - all this is f


SCUBA dive logging application for GNOME. Can download Suunto Cobra, Mosquito, Spyder, Stinger, Vyper and Vytec; Sensus Pro; and Citizen Hyper Aqualand. Can import from SmartTrak/DAN DL7 and Suunto Dive Manager 2.

Salesforcealchemy - SalesForceAlchemy is an ORM for SalesForce

Never code another line of SOQL again, instead use SalesForceAlchemy to interact with SalesForce using Python objects. For instance, you would say the following: (Login) sf = SalesForceAlchemy().username(__sf_account__['username']).password(__sf_account__['password']).endPoint('www.salesforce.com').login()print 'isLoggedIn=%s' % (sf.isLoggedIn)if (not sf.isLoggedIn): print 'lastError=%s' % (sf.lastError)And then: (Generate some SOQL) results = sf.case.fields('*').filter(Id='put-an-Id-here').orde


Planetarium is a feed aggregator written in Ruby.


Fork in GitHub of Program D