PHP Voice

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PHP Classes to generate voice application. The project now support VXML, SSML, CCXML, N-GRAM and SRGS.



Related Projects

Voicexmltest - this will test vxml to python

A test whether python to vxml works

Vicsys - Voice Information Communication System

Three main objective(s) for program: 1.) Allow users to store xml url references to their google calendar(s). Once the URL's have been validated, users will be able to listen to their appointment(s) via the telephone. 2.) Create VXML code, to allow users to listen to weather forecast for any zip code they chose. 3.) Allow users to hear current sports schedule via phone (Hopeful, last item to complete) Technology Used: Python, CGI, MySql , VXML, XML Summary: Once completed, the user will be able

Ddvg - Database Driven VoiceXML Generator

As the summary implies this is a database driven state engine that generates VoiceXML/VXML. The speech application is in two primary states, to say and to listen. The third important state is custom where it gathers the data from external systems. This state can be as simple as posting data to a dynamic web page and getting the response as VoiceXML. The tricky part is returning from the custom state. So, the dynamic web page needs to be aware of two key elements, next state and previous state. T

Phoenix-program - operations-research--n--personal-organizer

Its a personal project targeted to solve operations research problems with multi objective goal scenarios. The project consists of many open source projects & ideas.

Vxtk - A Javascript toolkit for developing VoiceXML applications

VXTK (VoiceXML Tool Kit) uses modern javascript techniques to overcome many of the challenges of writing fast and testable voice applications in VoiceXML. Project manifesto (first draft)


BladeWareVXML is a portable VoiceXML 2.1 interpreter that is an enhanced version (performance, usability and integration) of OpenVXI. A commercial version, with documentation, sample code, and support options, is available from the Commetrex Website.

Vxmleditor - A RCP application for editing the vxml script

VoiceXml base on XML. VoiceXml has some specific structures. vxmleditor is to help user to edit the vxml script. Support vxml script to editor and also can export vxml script by editor in by convience way.

Webvxml - Run vxml apps from a web browser

The webvxml server will allow you to run voicexml applications from the web using rtmp to and from the browser.

Voiceit - VoiceIt is a vxml framework based on Apache Wicket

VoiceIt is a simple framework based on Apache Wicket. VoiceIt handles all the vxml, ccxml etc generation and let's you concentrate on doing plain java for your business logic. VoiceIt bundles Apache Wicket, Guice, JPA/Hibernate for simple usage. And Jmock and JBehave for easy testing. AS of now project are suspended (potential conflict with current job possition), if you want to start this project please contact me, and I'll hand it over.