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VWM is a window manager and user-interface for the console. It's extensible design allows for easy development of native applications as shared-library plugins. VWM comes with 2 standard plugins: a terminal emulator and a system monitor.




Related Projects

Badass-vm - Blumbles And Dan's Automated Sexy Scripts - Varrock Miner

This is Blumblebee's and Dan's The Man's Varrock miner, for SCAR using the SRLibrary. First intention is to create a VEM, with all mining procedures, before adding the VWM.

Screenvwm - A Litestep taskbar and virtual desktop module

ScreenVWM is a Litestep module which handles core window management functions and provides an integrated taskbar/virtual window manager. It was originally motivated by the desire to have a window manager that's keystroke-compatible with GNU screen, and while the sample theme provides exactly that, its behavior and cosmetics are thoroughly customizable.

Vbg - Visual Basic Graphics SDK

Make fun 2D games like mario, or develop complex 3D worlds using the Visual Basic Graphics SDK. All based on the Drawing.Graphics class (GDI+), you can develop just about any creation and publish it for free! To get started, download the VBG zip archive and everything you will need will be on your computer! Capabilites - PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, MT, and WMF image support - Works with VBG World Maker (Free and in downloads) - For World Maker support: VBG, VWM, and P3 3D files - Supports Hwnd, Im


VWM Get Action is an ExpressionEngine 2 module that retrieves action IDs and XIDs in EE templates

vwm_polls - Free ExpressionEngine Poll Module and Fieldtype

Free ExpressionEngine Poll Module and Fieldtype

vwm_surveys - ExpressionEngine 2 Survey Module

ExpressionEngine 2 Survey Module

vwm_secure_files - Lock down member and group-specific ExpressionEngine files

Lock down member and group-specific ExpressionEngine files