ViaVoice tools

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Tools for use with IBM's ViaVoice speech recognition product



Related Projects

Alfresco-environment-validation - An environment validation tool for the Alfresco open source CMS.

DescriptionThis module provides an environment validation tool that helps determine whether a server is suitable for hosting the Alfresco open source CMS. The tool is distributed as an archive (zip) file that contains executable scripts that will run the tool. The tool itself is implemented as a Java (JVM 1.4+) command line application. Please note that this tool is not exhaustive - it simply validates some of the more common environmental problems Alfresco has seen. Administrators intending to

Tabfix - Cleanup whitespace in text files

StatusThis project has beta status: use at your own risk! Please submit bugs as you find them. SummaryCleanup whitespace in text files: Unify indentation by replacing leading tabs with spaces (or vice versa) Strip trailing whitespace Make sure the file ends with exactly one line break Unify line delimiters to Unix, Windows, or Mac style Optionally change indentation depth UsagePreconditions: Python is required, EasyInstall recommended. Install like this: $sudo easy_install -U tabfixor on Windows

Metextract - Extracting MS signals from stable isotopic labelled LC/MS data

MetExtract is a new software tool for scientists working with stable isotopic labelling and high resolution liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. It extracts important metabolite information using mass to charge difference between non labelled (natural) and stable isotopically labelled (labelled) samples originating from the same organism. The organism of interest are grown twice under identical environment conditions. However, in the second nutrition source all atoms of a certain element are

Iran-pre-commit - A TortoiseSVN pre-commit tool for Iranian people

This tool helps people to keep a History.txt file inside their project directory. Then by writing any log messages for their build it can be inserted in the history file with the customizable predefined format. Empty logs or non build changes are not inserted in the history file. Thus the history file keeps some more refined log messages with the capability of Iranian date conversion. It also uses another free tool called "Verpatch.exe" to embed the version info into the exe/ocx/dll files built.

Image2css - Convert images (png, gif, jpg) to Data URI CSS classes

Image2CSS-Converter has moved to github.comnew location The purpose of Image2CSS-Converter is to stream-line the process of generating data URI for use in CSS files. There are several online tools that allow you to upload images and receive a screen full of Base64 text. This tool allows you to batch script the process on your own machine. Features: Command line interface for Linux or Windows Generate CSS file containing Data URI CSS classes Convert single file or entire directories of images to

Skypeproxy - peer2peer network tunneling tool

Most network administrators at work, university or school deny access to file sharing, instant messaging or social networks such as facebook or myspace with a firewall or proxy server. If you are constantly getting a message saying "Can't connect" or something similar, the service you are trying to connect to has probably been blocked by your network administrator. Skype tunnel works in very similar way as well-known "TCP Tunnel/Monitor"... with only one diff: the transport for it - Skype Networ


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