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Vuze, formerly Azureus, is a seriously powerful torrent downloader.



Related Projects

Azureus / Vuze

Vuze (formerly Azureus) is a P2P file sharing client using the bittorrent protocol. Search and download torrent files. Play, convert and transcode videos and music for playing on many devices such as PSP, TiVo, XBox, PS3, iTunes (iPhone, iPod, Apple TV).


opensource vuze-plugins

Az-queue - Helps friends manage their download lists.

There are times when you and your friends end up downloading the same torrent as you did yesterday. This is such a plain waste of bandwidth. This Vuze plugin gives you a way to manage download queue by making sure multiple Vuze instances look at the same queue. The queue would be a RSS feed at the moment, but I am open to Ideas.

Thaisuperbit - Vuze plugin to enhance bittorrent speeds within Thailand

Thailand's internet connectivity is very insular, with high speed links between providers within Thailand but major bottlenecks to other countries. This plugin aims to bias peer selections to nodes within Thailand and neighboring countries with good connectivity to Thailand.

Azboxtorrents - Boxtorrents azureus plugin

Unofficial plugin for azureus that meant to used on Featureparsing information from user statistic page display alert/message under certain ratio pausing boxtorrents download under certain ratio and resuming it when ratio goes up change tracker under certain ratio RequirementJRE Version 1.5+ Azureus/vuze 3.1+ Operating systemAll operating system that support azureus Screenshoot torrent tableoption pagecolumn selectionmenu

Transdroid-desktop - Multi-platform multi-client remote torrent manager

A desktop client to remote connect to all your torrent clients. Multiple operating systems are supported through the Java (Swing) interface and many torrent clients are supported through the generic remote access library of the Transdroid project for Android. So far Transdroid Desktop is a proof-of-concept with a simple interface on top of the Transdroid library. Screenshots of a very early alpha version:

Bass-plugin - A peer-selection improvement plugin for Vuze

A plugin for the Vuze client to play with BitTorrent swarms, influence peer selection and collect statistics. Still in embryonic phase, but under very active development. Source code, javadocs and some rough documentation will serve you as a starting point if really interested.

Ivuze - Web UI for iPhone

iVuzeiPhone UI for controlling Vuze, formerly known as Azureus, through the Mobile Safari browser found in iPhone and iPod Touch. Users may add it as to home screen as a web app. It has been tested with Vuze version with Azureus HTML WebUI plugin version 0.7.6. The iPhone UI has been tested with iOS 4.1. Updates1.1 - Tab bar with preserve-3d transition to prevent flickering. InstallationTo install the iVuze UI: Be sure you already have Azureus HTML WebUI plugin installed and working prop