vtl reflection

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Reflection API for C++ language. The main characteristics are as follows: -no extra translator course needed to add introspection; -based on standard preprocessor directives and robust template mechanisms; -reflection for classes, methods and properties.




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Txm-vtl-bundle - A Velocity syntax-highlighting and snippets bundle for Textmate.

This is a bundle for the OSX text editor TextMate, which provides syntax-highlighting and some code-snippets for the Java templating language Velocity.

Ivelocity - support velocity template language in iOS.

iVelocityWhat is iVelocityiVelocity is a light template engine that support iOS and VTL. It will useful to generate a html from template file and NSDictionary data in iOS. And JSON can easy to become a NSDictionary to use. Now, the iOS App is more easy than ever! iVelocity Data Flow Test ExampleTemplate: <test1>#set($b[0]=1)</test1><test2>#set($b[1]=2)</test2>Render Result: <test1></test1><test2></test2>Template: <test3>#foreach($a in $b) $a #end</test3>Render Result: <test3> 1 2 </test3>Templat

vm.vim - velocity vtl

velocity vtl


Velocity Template Language (VTL) syntax highlighting and directives snippets for Sublime Text


A document generator based on Apache Velocity. The tool can process template documents written in Velocity Template Language (VTL).


Loads a set of files to an HTML page based on a library ID. Supports JavaScript, CSS, or VTL. Supports shared hosts by setting the host's ID in the plugin's plugin.properties file. Has built in support for all Google Hosted Libraries without needing to upload any files to your server. Also enables you to use the BoxJS/CSS proxy CDN service for minifying and combining your files. Use the file's Sort Order field to control loading priority.