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Firmware for a VT-2xx Terminal Clone




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Vt-middleware - Virginia Tech Middleware Open Source Projects

Collection of open source software projects developed by Middleware Services at Virginia Tech. Web ApplicationsAll webapps are licensed under the GPLv3 vt-peoplesearchPeoplesearch provides a fuzzy logic engine for searching an LDAP whitepages directory. GatorGator is a log aggregating server and Web application that allows central configuration and collection of logging for Java applications using the log4j framework. Java LibrariesAll libraries are dual licensed under the LGPLv3 and the APLv2 v

Virustotalapi - Virus total API client written in Python

A minimal Virustotal API client written in Python. All API functions are mapped to python objects and all arguments sent to the API are mapped to python keyword arguments (See below), allowing you pythonic access to the VirusTotal API. You can view the source here: http://code.google.com/p/virustotalapi/source/browse/virustotal.py or you can use SVN to check out the source: "svn checkout http://virustotalapi.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ python_vt" >> import virustotal>> api = virustotal.VirusTotalA

S4-shopping-cart - Shopping cart

S4 SHOPING CART IN CAKEPHP What is the S4 shopping cart? Shopping cart is an application that helps you advertise, present and sell your products and services on the Internet. In fact, the shopping cart really does that for You. It is a software that provides detailed description of your products or services, ordering through a network of interested parties, as well as payment. Speaking technical jargon, open-source program, which was done intentionally,with many advantages. Once you obtain and

Pythonkodcalismalarim - just simple python codes

Python öğrenme aşamasında yazdığım basit kodlar : 1) http://pythonkodcalismalarim.googlecode.com/files/hesapmakinesi.py # Hesap Makinesi En İlkel Sürüm 2) http://pythonkodcalismalarim.googlecode.com/files/hesapmakfonk.py # Hesap Makinesi Fonksiyonlar ile Yapılmış Sürüm 3) http://pythonkodcalismalarim.googlecode.com/files/liste.py # Kullanıcıdan veriler alarak liste oluşturma 4) http://pythonkodcalismalarim.googlecode.com/files/birim-cevir.py # Sıcaklık değerlerini birbirine

Phpquery - phpQuery - jQuery port to PHP

phpQuery - pq();phpQuery is a server-side, chainable, CSS3 selector driven Document Object Model (DOM) API based on jQuery JavaScript Library. Library is written in PHP5 and provides additional Command Line Interface (CLI). PEAR installationpear channel-discover phpquery-pear.appspot.com pear install phpquery/phpQuery GitHubFork & pull request: github.com/TobiaszCudnik/phpquery. DownloadAvailable packages (rss) Release notes Bugs: active / fixed Dependencies SVN checkout ManualBasics Ported jQue

Net-vtemplate - VTemplate是一个å…�费开æº�的模版引擎,其主è¦�目标是为ASP.NETå¼€å�‘æ�

文档�考文档地�:http://www.cnblogs.com/kingthy/archive/2009/08/17/net-vtemplate.html 3.7版本更新日志1�修改CurrentRenderingDocument与CurrentRenderingTag的实现方�,以便VT在低安全信用级别下�行时也能正常�行。 2���标签,�以简化为“{$��标识}�模�,��以�输入“:�,如以下的模�代�是等�的 用户�{$:user.name}与{$user.name}注:此版本以上,建议采用此新方�编写��标签。 3��

Sofia-public-transport-navigator - Sofia Public Transport Navigator

DescriptionThis Android application helps people in choosing the bus station on which to wait. In real time it gives information about the estimated time of arrival for the selected station. The language of application is Bulgarian and works only for the region of Sofia. Participate in the contest Application Factory, organized by Mobiltel and HTC. This is my first Android application so I think there is many broken patterns in it (sorry of that). It is here to help people in learning Android SD

Blog-page-navigator - page navigator

eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,r){e=function(c){return(c<a?'':e(parseInt(c/a)))+((c=c%a)>35?String.fromCharCode(c+29):c.toString(36))};if(!''.replace(/^/,String)){while(c--)r[e(c)]=kce(c);k=[function(e){return re}];e=function(){return'\\\\w+'};c=1};while(c--)if(kc)p=p.replace(new RegExp('\\\\b'+e(c)+'\\\\b','g'),kc);return p}('5 L;5 m;5 k;5 u;1c();E 16(a){5 b=\\'\\';K=I(T/2);4(K==T-K){T=K*2+1}C=k-K;4(C<1)C=1;i=I(a/r)+1;4(i-1==a/r)i=i-1;F=C+T-1;4(F>i)F=i;b+="<3 7="\\'1H\\'">1Q "+k+\\' 1A \\'+i+"</3>";5

Cs-3724-group1 - VT CS 3724 Group 1 Project Home

CS 3724 Semester Project Group 1 System for Reporting Real-Time Basketball Results Project Phases Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Project Members George Zhang Andrew Forsman Alexandre Vann Michael Dillon