VSTO Contrib

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VSTO Contrib is a collection of useful helper classes and extensions which make it easier to write better VSTO apps. The goals of VSTO Contrib are currently: - Provide IoC support - Make it easier to deal with COM Interop - Simplify common tasks (i.e. Item Synch in O...




Related Projects

Statistika - document-level customization for statistic purpose

document-level customization for statistic purpose written in csharp with VSTO

Exceltosqlexport - Excel to SQL Exporter

Imports MS Excel table in MS SQL database

Vstocharts - Creates excel charts using an xml as input

Creates excel charts using an xml as input

VSTO Stocks

Excel VSTO add-in demo: retrieve and analyze stock history.

Auto Style It for PowerPoint 2010

AutoStyle IT is a PowerPoint Addin that duplicates the selected slide x number of times so that each bullet (paragraph) will be highlighted on their own slide.


An small add-in for Visual Studio 2007 to create XAML directly. Uses Thierry Bouquain's XamlTune and SharpVectors to perform the hard work of the conversion.


Excel用加载项 VSTO

Mailtoolkit - An open source outlook addin to generate email with template.

ISD Mail ToolkitThis project is for web engineers of Tencent ISD WebTeam. It can generate mail with specific templates. What users need to do is just telling it roles about this workflow.

Defrost Outlook

outlook 2007 sp1 freezes or hangs in some occasions. until a formal fix release from Microsoft , we want to help in the meanwhile. send what makes your outlook hang (messages,ical,vcal,vcard etc) to defrostoutlook@gmail.com

RSS Reader for Office

This PlugIn Enables you to add RSS Feeds to Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint) so that you can view RSS Feeds while "working" on some Projects. It integrates into the Office Ribbon and is currently available for Office 2007.