StyleCop Compliant Visual Studio Project & Item Templates

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StyleCop Compliant Visual Studio Project & Item Templates



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StyleCop analyzes C# source code to enforce a set of style and consistency rules. It can be run from inside of Visual Studio or integrated into an MSBuild project.


StyleCopCmd is a command-line driven interface to Microsoft's source code analysis tool, StyleCop.


CodePlex.Snippets has now moved to and an associated project has been created.


StyleCop+ is a plug-in that extends original StyleCop features.

Intellishortcut - IntelliShortCut

IntelliShortCut is an smart visual command prompt tool for windows that will allow you to start your commonly used applications easiest and faster than ever. It is written in C# and it is StyleCop compliant.

Stylecopext - StyleCop Extensions

OverviewThe goal of this project is to write extensions for StyleCop that are commonly needed to provide the development community with the level of control over their code and projects that they wish. Current RulesCurrently we have only the following rule. To request a rule to be implemented click the Issue Tracking at the top and add the rule you desire as a feature. Instance variables require underscore prefix example: private int _id; Installation InstructionsClose all open instances of Visu

StyleFix - Fix StyleCop violations

This program attempts to fix some of the most common violations in StyleCop. It also allows easy management of including and excluding StyleCop checks for project files.

Nhibernate-starter-kit - A Visual Studio project template for getting started with NHibernate.

The template includes NHibernate binaries, an example set of entities, a console application for generating the database and some sample unit tests. It's not intended to be reference for NHibernate best practice, but rather a means for a newcomer to get up and running within seconds, or a quick means to start a new project. Read more about it here and here.


Fixes defect identified by static code analysis tools like FxCop and StyleCop.


Sweeper is a Visual Studio 2008 & 2010 add-in for C# that takes care of many of the trivial code-formatting issues that developers run into - particularly if they use StyleCop. It is developed in C#.