VS2012 ???????

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VS2012 ???????




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为知笔记(Wiz Note)应用 开发、编辑 辅助工具 使用C# + VS2008、VS2012 NET 2.0 开发

Visual Localizer

Visual Localizer is an opensource plugin for VS 2008, 2010 and 2012. It provides advanced functionality for project localization and resource management.

Xaml Markup Styler Visual Studio 2012 Extension

"XAML Styler" is a VS 2012 extension, which makes XAML beautify, format, reformat much easier by sorting the attributes based on their importance.

DirectXMath-based HLSL-like C++ library

This is a little hlsl-style C++ 11 (VS2012) library that makes use of DirectXMath.

SCSF for Visual Studio 2012

Smart Client Software Factory for Visual Studio 2012

Xaml Formatter for VS 2013

Xaml Formatter for VS 2013 is a fork of Xaml Markup Styler Visual Studio 2012 Extension repackaged for VS 2013 preview.

VS2010/2012 Context Menu Fix

This utility fixes annoying quirk of context menu in VS2010 Document Editor which impedes context menu navigation via keyboard.

TFS 2012 Server/service Setup for Demo

Set up a TFS 2012 Server/Service demo environment in less than 1 minute now!

TPL DataFlow Debugger Visualizer

Graphic debugger visualizer to TPL DataFlow networks enable to see live state of blocks and relations Compatible with VS 2012 RC