vpopmail - virtual domains for qmail

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Vpopmail is a set of programs for creating and managing multiple virtual domains on a qmail server, with full support for many POP/IMAP servers. A web interface to vpopmail called QmailAdmin is on SourceForge as well.




Related Projects


QmailAdmin is a web interface for managing email addresses in virtual domains created by Vpopmail.

Vpopmail domain/user usage amp; statistics

Gathers data from vpopmail domain and user usage, stores in mysql, and displays a list by user and domain, current quota, quota usage, last time/date of auth, last auth ip, aliases pointing at the address, and aliases pointing to external domains.


vSQLmail is a software who make link between MySQL and vpopmail. It's very useful if you don't have mysql support in your vpopmail, and a good alternative of vpopmail's API for PHP. You can use it easily in PHP

pMailAdmin - QmailAdmin for PHP

pMailAdmin - QmailAdmin written in PHP, for those who want to control qmail+vpopmail directly from PHP. This project may include the most current vpopmail extension for PHP. Requires PHP 4.3.3+ and vpopmail 5.5+


vchkuser is a helper program so qmail-smtpd can accept only true users (or alias) from vpopmail database.


Vmailadmin is a web tool for managing a qmail+vpopmail installation. It is main use is for ISP staff administration of pop accounts, quotas and etc. Vmailadmin development is dead. Try qmailadmin for a more up to date tool.


dspam-filter is a filter to invoke the anti-spam tool DSPAM directly from the embedded maildrop in vpopmail via dot-qmail forwarding. DSPAM masquerades as the email server's LDA. However most users of Qmail prefer to leave the qmail-queue intact.

merrymail is an open source php webmail system , support qmail,postfix,vpopmail,qmailadmin

merrymail 是一个开�的php webmail系统,支�qmail,postfix,vpopmail,qmailadmin等unix邮件软件,采用php开�,具有并�性好,支�模�等特点。


vpoppasswd is a server (protocol, also known, as poppwd or poppassd), written in c and is used to change vpopmail user passwords remotely, works with most wide-used webmail, and email (with password-change function, e.g. The Bat!) clients.

vpopmail - Release history of vpopmail

Release history of vpopmail