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Revolutionise your surfing experience,with fully customisable quot;search boxquot; ,It also has tools to manage bookmarks as import from iE,Firefox,Opera, automated backup.Grabber which grabs all pics in a site..Rapidshare downloader..



Related Projects

JBoss JBuilder OpenTool

Voyager JBoss OpenTool is an OT for JBuilder 6 Enterprise Edition. It integrates the JBoss application server the same way other application server are already integrated. Development and support was stopped since JBuilderX comes with JBoss support now.

Dervis - Querying Vehicle Voyage Intervals

An application that displays current vehicle voyage intervals

Bovoyage - Reservation et achat de voyages

Reservation et achat de voyages.

Ayudin-bastian - Aplicacion para voyage 200 util en Investigación de Operaciones

Implementacion de diferentes métodos utilizados en la asignatura de Investigación de Operaciones.

Bda - projet bda

agence de voyage

Voyagegamesystem - A cross-platform modular system architecture for game development.

The Voyage Game System is a cross-platform modular system architecture to aid in the development of games and other entertainment. System elements are provided in a fashion to allow developers to pick and choose which components to use in any given project and integrate them with minimal effort. Development is based on agile methodologies, including automated unit test coverage, coverage tests and quality checks, integration tests, and manual interactive tests. Some of these tests are performed

Terrain Voyager Engine

Terrain Voyager Engine is an OpenGL accelerated, multi-platform (Win32, Linux, IRIX) landscape engine. One of the goal of it is to make a small FPS game.

Littleware - java based client server node/asset tree

Welcome to Littleware!What is littleware?Littleware is a collection of java libraries that implement several utilities, applications, and services. First, littleware provides application infrastructure like a simple module system with dependency injection (via guice), bootstrap and shutdown (with a little OSGi), JAAS authentication, and other support for GUI, JNDI, CLI, and web applications. Another aspect of littleware is a node-store service that exports client APIs (currently via RMI) that ma