vortex space shooter

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Vortex is an arcade space shooter with focus on pure action and effect-loaded 3d graphics.




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Vortex2D.NET Game Engine

Vortex2D.NET is free 2D fast graphics framework/game engine. It is replacement of XNA for pure 2D game development. Vortex2D API is very well structured, easy for beginners and powerful enough for professionals. Programming language: C#, VB.NET; OS: Win XP and later.

Sprite Vortex

Sprite Vortex aims to greatly reduce the time needed to create frame based sprite animations. It covers common and useful operations such as importing a spritesheet, building spritesheet from separate images , cutting frames, building animations and more. Developed in: C#.

Krystal-raven-the-crate-escape - The Crate Escape is a 3-Dimensional brick breaking game where the p

In Crate Escape a player controls a transparent paddle. There is a cube in the center of the screen that is composed of layers of crates. The user bounces a ball that when launched into the cube starts to destroy the crates. The ball then bounces back to the the user who has to position his paddle to hit the ball back into the cube. The player can rotate the camera and paddle around the cube in 6 predetermined locations. When the player reaveals the center of the cube they will reveal a vortex a

Eude - Empire Universe 2: Data Engine

Site permettant la gestion d'information pour le jeu EU2.Vortex, Trajet au "plus cours" Référencement des Joueurs/Ennemis/Flottes pirate/Astéroïdes/... Recherche sur carte/tableau par joueur/empire/... Estimations du temps restant pour les recherches Script GreaseMonkey simplifiant les manipulations Addons d'import de vortex Archivages des combats terrestres Introduction i18n etc... Pré-requis (serveur):php 5 ou supérieur mysql 5 ou supérieur bibliothèque GD 2 (généralement fournit ave

Sheeplifter - 3D game inspired by Choplifter

OverviewThis is the weird, fun and addictive 3D game, which we have dubbed Sheeplifter, loosely based on Brøderbund's 80es classic Choplifter. To play the game successfully the player must possess a combination of navigation skills and planning ability. As a space wolf from outer space you must abduct all sheep on the volcanic island. By using your abductor beam you can lift sheep from the ground (or water) onto your ship. To complete the abduction, return the sheep to the vortex centrifuge. Th

Vortex Arena

Single player arcade game in which the player must help two robots that are lost in a maze to meet using beacons to guide the robots through a deadly vortex field. Find more at http://www.jungle-troll.com , http://twitter.com/jungletrollent .

the EteRnaL RPG game

EteRnaL, a vampyric RPG game with multiplayer capability. This rpg has no general theme, it involves several very different worlds. A present-day world, a dark-fantasy world, a futuristic world, or your OWN world! Enter the vortex and live the adventure!

Quake2evolution - Quake II Evolution is a moded engine of id tech 2 (quake 2 engine)

Qauke 2 Evolution is a engine that aims to give the eye candy effects that most of the moddern games uses, such as a good particle system, decals, high-resolution textures and so on but still maintain good backend system such as memory, file system etc. The engine will not break any backend compatiblities so you can still play online with who ever you want or whatever mod you want. In the feature, i hope to support anticheat.dll and R1ch´s net protocol "35". If you want to make new hi-res conte

Maelstrom-editor - Vortex game engine development tool

Maelstrom toolsThe goal of maelstrom is to provide a set of tools for creating games utilizing the vortex engine (http://code.google.com/p/vortex-engine). Below are different utilities currently in the toolset. The Maelstrom editorLocated in trunk/maelstrom-engine/ is written in C++ with Qt. Should provide a way to design levels and manage content, running on an actual instance of the vortex engine to provide direct feedback on how the game will look and feel. vacp, the Vortex Asset Conditioning