Voodoo UML Class Diagram Editor

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A UML class diagram editor written in C++ using Tcl/Tk for the GUI portion. Designed to be easy to maintain and extend.




Related Projects


Glide Wrapper, primarily DirectX9 based, intended to exploit pixel shaders, and supporting 3D montors


VooDoo is a real-time, ICP-based tracking system, intended for the use on autonomous robotic systems. The ability to fuse different sensor inputs into one framework allows for a robust tracking of a simplified cylinder model of an observed human.

Voodoo Chat

Voodoo Chat is the fast, convenient, easily customized php-chat with Push-messaging (continuous updating). It can handle hundreds of simultaneous users and gives a lot of features like private messages, ignoring, user-profiles with photos, themes, e.t.c.

VooDoo cIRCle

VooDoo cIRCle is modular IRC bot, scriptable thanks to PHP and Perl, with built-in SSL support, File System, private BotNet and advanced security rights for each user. Runs on POSIX/Unices, Windows and Mac OS X.


OpenGLide is a Glide to OpenGL wrapper. It emulates a Voodoo board so you can run old Windows Glide games by translating Glide calls into OpenGL.

Wikiliner - An outliner utility with wiki-functionality.

Wikiliner is (or will be) a lightweight outlining tool incorporating wiki functionality similar to Tomboy or VoodooPad.

Voodoovalidator - Voodoo Validator is an application that validates websites on a webpage rather tha

Voodoo Validator is a PHP web application that provides web developers/designers a very fast way to validate web pages. Using PHP, jQuery and XML (with our good friend XHTML, of course) Voodoo Validator sends every web page through the W3C Validator and produces the results for the developer to see. Rather than validating one page at a time, the Voodoo Validator validates entire directories at once and whole sites in just moments. You do not need to know any PHP, javascript or jQuery to use this

Voodoo3 3500 TV

Create a Video4Linux compatible driver set for the Voodoo3 3500 video card.

Voodoo Shader Framework

Voodoo Shader is a comprehensive graphics framework for powering shaders in multiple programs, during development or after release. Voodoo uses plugins and a shared core to support many games and other applications and is compatible with Direct3D and OpenGL.