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Volume.app is a simple and attractive audio volume control program in the dockapp form factor, intended for use with X window managers such as Window Maker, Blackbox, and Afterstep.




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KDE Volume and Partition Manager

Kvpm is a GUI front end for Linux LVM and Gnu parted

UIMA - Unstructured information management architecture

UIMA analyzes large volumes of unstructured information in order to discover knowledge that is relevant to an end user. It is a framework with different set of components. The components include Language Identification, Language specific segmentation, Sentence boundary detection, Entity detection (person/place names) etc. The framework manages these components and the data flows between them.

Rox-volume - A ROX Volume control applet and Mixer

Volume is a Panel Applet that puts a popup volume control in your panel. It is also a Mixer Application. It supports ALSA natively as of version 008. (for OSS and Alsa-OSS compatibility please use Volume-007 or older.) Requires Python 2.3 and the python alsaaudio module which you can get here. Releases009 (2006-08-06) Theme updates. 008 (2006-01-16) Converted from OSS to ALSA interface. Requires PyAlsaAudio module. 007 (2005-10-12) Options now editable from the AppMenu. New Icon 006 (2004-05-22)

Android-lucid-dreaming-app - Using Android phones to induce lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming App is an early attempt at using Android phone sensors to accurately detect and score sleep. The intention is to induce lucid dreams by notifying user during REM sleep. Beta v0.7.1 includes two sensors: accelerometer for actigraphy and microphone for volume level monitoring. I would greatly appreciate any help in making this app more useful and work better! Future intentions: create a global actigraphy database with sleep, dreaming and lucid dreaming data!

Baby-life-android - Simply record baby's life

This android app is my first android app. It's a gift for my wife QQCANDY, and our first wedding anniversary. The main function for this app include: Record baby's feeding time, duration, bottle volume, mom's breast and notes. Record baby's sleeping time and pose. Record baby's Poo and Pee, time and size. Auto set record time and stop time. History list for review, edit and delete.

Lgtvcontrol - Simple app to control LG TV using serial (RS-232) ports and null modem cable

Simple app to control LG TV using serial (RS-232) ports and null modem cable .In C#, Visual Studio 2008. Very early hacks.

Akjavacom-hangouts - my apps and library for hangouts api

this is my app and library for google+ hangouts api. especially for gwt VolumeGraphgadget-url: http://api.akjava.com/volumegraph/VolumeGraph.gadget.xml Hangouts API Testfor Api test. gadget-url: http://api.akjava.com/api_list/APILists.gadget.xml if you interested in developing hangouts api with gwt,read left link and checkout source code in here. Demo widget.This is not work on here. Wrapping Hangouts APII have believed official version released soon. but I need gwt-library for myself.so i wrapp

Mip4tcu - Medical Image Processing Library in Java

This project combines gdcm and ImageJ, and provides pure java classes for DICOM image (currently CT) pixel manipulation. A volume rendering app takes CT angiography images which is available from OsiriX; this example convert these DICOM files into ImageStack of ImageJ and render it in 3D with a ImageJ plugin. The connected component example is presented.

A2dpvolume - For Android devices to automatically adjust the media volume on bluetooth connect and r

OverviewAutomatically adjusts the media volume on connect and resets on disconnect. This is done so the stereo streaming audio will work properly. Intended primarily for car Bluetooth systems. Also automatically captures location information so you can find where you left your car. The location can also be automatically captured when exiting Car Mode on your Android device. The location can be read by any app that understands GPS data such as Google Maps, GPS Status, web browsers, etc. A2DP Volu

Iur - Universal Web Remote targetted for iphone

A web app based remote for different media applications with the backend based on DBus for the events. StatusAdded webpage for playback controls 05/16/2010 Event handler for Banshee player implemented 05/16/2010 Event handler for Rhythmbox player implemented 05/17/2010 Added the current playing song info 05/20/2010 Added volume controls 05/22/2010 Albums listing done for both Banshee and Rhythmbox 05/30/2010 Search based album listing UI added 05/31/2010 Song listing based on selected album 06/0