Virtual Online Aquarium

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A virtual aquarium online, one that can be set as the background for your desktop using the active desktop option. It features life-like movement of fishes, plants and other sea creatures. Developed in pure javascript for Internet Explorer.



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An application for tracking contributions.

Beevoa - An English Learning app

BEE VOA Reader - English Learning app for VOA Download Latest Package Latest changes: fully support translation. You can translate any words into 30 more languages. Focus on learing english, support following sites: VOA Special English VOA News Features: powerful offline reading, save network fees powerful download management support image view mark articles as favorite support translation

neo-web2py2eclipse is an automated eclipse project creator for web2py applications

Project OverviewThis project is for people using Web2py with the Eclipse IDE. It is primarily a Python script called "create_eclipse_project" that you can add to your path so you can use it as a tool. The script directly creates ready to use to use Eclipse projects from Web2py application directories. In addition of transforming the target application into an Eclipse IDE project, the script also adds some files to the .hgignore file if you are using Mercurial (files you probably don't want to tr

Voaonair - An AIR application for English Learner

This is an AIR application for English learner. It can fetch the VOA special English feeds and download them into your android phone. You can learn VOA special English offline with audios. And you can record your voice, therefore you can compare yours with original ones.


Theme for the Voice of Access website theme. The Voice of Access theme is designed to work on all platforms including iphone and other small screened hardware via a flow design.

Riyuvoa - 标准日本语VOA�日一�

标准日本语VOA�日一� 制作

Hello-pod-cast - JavaSE app, to subscribe podcast and synchronize the USB portable device.

Hello PodCast 订阅在线广播节目的feed,下载媒体文件; 支��步mp3移动设备; 支�网络代�下载; 轻�管�你的节目订阅和移动设备�步,使用入门 latest vesion_0.3.0 for PC 最新下载-用于个人电脑 新增VOA标准新闻自动下载器(执行autorun.bat;或者直接�击Hello VOA.src.jar执行;;;;或者命令行执行java -jar "Hello VOA.src.jar")新闻采集51voa 最新下载-用于

Englishjoke - about english learning and so on

I want my English good, 2 weeks ago, I begin study English .in this course,i use many tools help me,such as English electronic dictionary,VOA Listening CD... They give me some help, but I don't like them.I think they are not suitable for me,Maybe the same scenario for others. So,I want to make a suitable software about learning English for me

Crossgfw - Provide software to help Chinese cross GFW.

As you may know, our CCP(Chinese Communist Party) government spend a lot of money to build the 'Great Fire Wall' to prevent Chinese people get on some specify Internet web. Like VOA, BBC, CNN and something others which is dedicated to express the truth and expose the fact. Not only those western media was blocked, but also plenty of excellent web like facebook, twitter, youtube was blocked too. The dirty behavior make most of Chinese people blind, their minds is full filled with shit given by CC