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VNC Snapshot is a command line utility for VNC (Virtual Network Computing) available from RealVNC, among others. The utility allows one to take a snapshot from a VNC server and save it as a JPEG file. Unix, Linux and Windows platforms are supported.



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Python-browsercontrol - Remote Control Browsers for Screen Capture etc

What is itRemotely control a browser from Python. (Right now, Firefox.) MotivationI've always wanted to be able to remotely control a web browser to go to various locations. Selenium partially does this. Though it suffers from a few problems in my mind: It doesn't render the browser window in a way useful to previewing (i.e. it's designed to show you the log etc). It doesn't operate well when browsing to various domains beyond what you control. It's gigantic and difficult to do the simple things

vncsnapshot - my version and changes of vncsnapshot

my version and changes of vncsnapshot

VNCsnapshot - VNC screen shot utility

VNC screen shot utility