VNC2me - Secure Remote Desktop Sharing

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Creates a Secure Tunnel (via SSH) to Secure Desktop Sharing (via VNC) over the internet or an intranet. Win32 Application has been developed, with work started on a qt cross-platform (linux, mac OSX, BSD, etc) solution.



Related Projects

Viewncontrol - ViewNControl - Browser-based VNC without plugins

ViewNControl connects to a VNC server and exports its screen in pure HTML and JavaScript. This has been developed as a Proof-of-concept for a project that never went live. There's still lots of features missing and basically no testing was done. Since 0.2.0 basic mouse and keyboard input is possible. If you like the idea, please get in touch with me! :-)

J2ME VNC Client

A VNC Client for J2ME (Java 2 Mobile Edition). This includes a side project, an easy to use, clean java API for the RFB protocall. This project is now dead. Please see:

D2mobile - Desktop 2 Mobile - Solução para acesso remoto através de dispositivos móveis

Desktop 2 MobileSolução para acesso remoto através de dispositivos móveis, baseada no protocolo RFB, utilizado no VNC. Composto por módulo Servidor, que roda no desktop que se deseja acessar e módulo cliente que roda no dispositivo móvel.

Supportvnc - Remote support tools

SupportVNCBased off of ChunkVNC which is an UltraVNC wrapper using AutoIT Allows you to connect to a remote computer from anywhere. Useful for remote techs that are not always at the same computer. No installing any software on either the remote PC needing support or the PC you are working at running the SupportViewer. Works great on servers where different users are running the Support at the same time and with other versions of VNC installed. Support.exe Runs on Windows XP service pack 2 and u

Rightclick - Mouse and keyboard remote control for your PC.

The need is simple: some people can't use the mouse buttons for whatever reason. By substituting a keyboard key, you can trigger the mouse buttons without wearing out your mouse finger. So far, this only supports a quick "click" of the mouse. Double-clicks should be doable by pressing the hotkey twice in succession. I have not implemented click-drags quite yet; I'm still working that part out. This uses the .Net 2.0 Framework. Please have this installed before trying to run RightClick. NEWSRight