Real VMX

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Real VMX is a VxWorks like operating system kernel released under LGPL. It should support multiple hardware architectures, only i386 support now. Help wanted with ports to other architectures. Development is done on Linux with the GNU gcc compiler.



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Vmxos - Basic operating system with vmx support

VMXOSThe project is made to have a native vmx support based on a simple operating system. This is just a series of experiments to learn more on hardware virtualizzation support, with a focus on Intel vmx. For more informations about the project Latest version NotesBios Parameter Block is not actually supported, so in order to make the system bootable from my Sandik Cruizer pen drive I've been hard coded the Hidden Sectors offset to 0x2C in boot.asm, but this is only when the image is booted from

Pyvmware - Python module to control vmware

A python module that makes use of the vmware client sdk to control vmware instances. NOTE: Currently beta with limited implemented methods. Enough to start, stop, and revert a VM. from vix import Viximport timevm = Vix()print "Connecting"vm.Connect()print "Opening vm"vm.Open("E:\\\\VMs\\\\Windows XP\\\\Windows XP Professional.vmx")#print "Powering On vm"#vm.PowerOn()#print "Waiting a bit..."#time.sleep(10)#print "Powering off vm"#vm.PowerOff()print "Reverting to snapshot 0"vm.GetRootSnapshot()vm

Vmxinstaller - VMWare images installer

NSIS install script for VMWare Player/Workstation images. With this script you can create very simple (but good looking) installers that: installs VMX images determines if VMWare Player is installed downloads and installs VMWare Player (optional) creates shortcuts in start menu and desktop (optional) creates uninstaller Please download the script directly from SVN using your browser or subversion client. The script is simple, we do not release any tarballs. Czech tutorial is here: http://lukas.z

Termovtx - VMX and SVM virtualization project

Create test project for development virtualization module for Windows and my by other platfrom. This template may be uses in rootkit, miniOS and debugger for VT. Project uses C++ and NTL ( Some ideas are taken from NBP. Version is Pre Alpha. Don`t run this driver.

Vmhoneypot - Patch for VmWare workstation(R) .

path for vmware-vmx to hide vmware from guest os.

Calice3d - A fork of Cal3D optimised for next-gen platforms and mobile devices and PC too !

Calice3D is a skeletal based 3D character animation library written in C++ in a platform-/graphic API-independent way. It's a stand-alone library which can be used in many different kinds of projects. Based on Cal3D from version 0.7 Here are the priorities of this project: Keep the well documented and organized architecture found in Cal3D 0.7 Performance (SSE, VMX, OpenCL, DirectXCompute, SPU implementations) and memory optimization) Vertices and faces optimised for last-generations GPU card Aut

Terux - An open source virtual appliance based linux distribution

The project aims to build ready-to-deploy virtual appliances running Linux or BSD The goal is to have some 'profiles' of these appliances such as 'Development workstation', 'WebApp Server', 'Database Server', 'Firewall', 'Media Server' and much more. The project will be based on a Debian-based distibution (maybe Debian itself) and/or xBSD. Also, appliances will be made for the most common architectures (x86 and x64).

Travapp - Travian Appliance for T3.6

Turkce English Travian ApplianceTravian Appliance does the baby sitting of your village for you. While you are sleeping or having fun somewhere else other than travian, it will play the game for you. Features:Grow Resources Make Soldiers Build new buildings and level them up. Send Resources to other villages of your choice Removes the soldiers from the villages before the attack Farm villages Installation:Download and Install VMWare Player Download latest version of Travian Appliance Extract tra

Lxt-math - A small, simple vector math library for games development

lxt-math is a small, simple C vector math library for games development. The goal is to provide a small set of core routines for each major SIMD architecture, which can be used as a basis for a more complete library, or even plugged in underneath an existing C++ implementation. lxt-math focuses on providing the fastest available vector and matrix math operations for a given platform. Initially the library will only support a reference scalar C implementation and an ARM NEON implementation. The l

Beaengine - disassembler library for IA-32 and Intel 64 architectures

BeaEngine.lib is a library coded in C (thanks to the IDE Code::Blocks and the compiler Pelles C ) created to decode instructions from 32 bits and 64 bits intel architectures. Actually, the only function available is called Disasm. It includes standard instruction set and instruction set from FPU, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, VMX technologies. For those who like analyzing malicious codes and more generally obfuscated codes, BeaEngine decodes undocumented instructions called "alias