VMI Linux

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VMI-Linux is a virtualization interface for Linux with the goal of introducing cross hypervisor compatibility, so a single Linux kernel can run unmodified on L4, VMware, Xen and other hypervisors, as well as native hardware, with excellent performance.




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Xenaccess - A virtual machine introspection library for Xen.

XenAccess LibraryXenAccess is no longer being maintained. Please see the LibVMI project for updated versions OverviewWhen running multiple domains (or virtual machines) using the Xen hypervisor, this library will allow a privileged domain to view the runtime state of another domain. This technique is known as virtual machine introspection. The current software focuses on memory access, but also provides proof-of-concept code for disk monitoring. News5 Jan 2009: XenAccess version 0.5 is now avail

Insight-vmi - A semantic bridge for virtual machine introspection and forensic applications

InSight is a tool for bridging the semantic gap in the field of virtual machine introspection (VMI) and digital forensics. It operates either on memory dump files or in conjunction with any hypervisor that provides read access to the physical memory of a guest VM. InSight is written in C++ based on the Qt libraries and features interactive analysis of kernel objects as well as a JavaScript engine for automation of repeating inspection tasks. This tool is developed by Christian Schneider and othe

vmi-codes - Album download tool using unique codes

Album download tool using unique codes