Verso Messaging Foundation

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Verso is a class library to facilitate client-server communication in information systems, is under the MIT license.



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Sharing of prefabs for future mapping inclusion.

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this is one of my scraps for valves source sdk

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Light CrawlerAn Open Source Crawler for Java based on Crawler4j. Crawler4j is a good project which is smart and easy to use. We learn more from Crawler4j. It helps us a lot. We add some useful tools, made changes to rebuild it as LightCrawler for share and study. LightCrawler can control the depth of the crawler. Crawler will stop at the pointed depth. LightCrawler can choose which url should crawl and which should not crawl by config forbidden regex and allowed regex. LightCrawler is also Multi

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Balloon Race v2This SVN has been made to extend the life of, and improve, one of the most popular custom TF2 maps - Balloon Race. If you would like to join the development team please visit

Vmfsvn - A pack of vmfs made for Jinto's VMF-Suite for garrysmod on steam.

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