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VM02 is a Java compatible environment for the Apple II series of computers. Most basic features of a Java VM are implemented to allow direct execution of standard Java class files on a 64K, 8 bit, 1 MHz Apple II computer.




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Fannj - Java bindings to the Fast Artificial Neural Network (FANN) C library.

FannJA Java binding to the Fast Artificial Neural Network (FANN) C library. OverviewUse FannJ if you have an existing ANN from the FANN project that you would like to access from Java. There are several GUI tools that will help you create and train an ANN. InstallationBefore using FannJ, you must build and install the FANN C library. FannJ has been tested on FANN 2.1.0 beta. See the FANN site for instructions and help: http://leenissen.dk/fann Code Example Fann fann = new Fann( "/path/to/file" )

Nxcc - a tiny , fast , c script virtual machine

What is nxcc?1.\tit's a tiny script compiler and virtual machine2.\tc-liked script with ‘class’3.\teasy to be embeded4.\talso,it's not memory-safe and type-safe language...Hello world!#!/usr/local/bin/nxccapi printf(fmt,...);func main(argc,argv){\tprintf("hello,world!\"); ///classic ...}___eof___;///optional ...funny feature1.'::' is allowed inside identifier name ...\tvar aaa::bbb;\tfunc TTT::do_sth(a,b,...){}\tconst ccc::d123 = 0;2.type-name is just a name for class-method/member accessing

Azulstackprof - Parser for Azul RTPM Stacks

IntroductionAzulStackProf is a command line application to parse Azul RTPM XML files. It is useful only for company using Azul Systems. This information comes from Azul website: "RTPM is a diagnostics and tuning tool instrumented into the Azul VM. [...] RTPM is always-on and has zero performance overhead". Zero performance overhead makes me think we can have a rudimentary profiling tool running in production for free. Great! Let's start... How does it work?Like HProf CPU profiling, RTPM periodic

Widgetfx - The JavaFX Desktop Widget Platform

WidgetFX is a desktop widget platform written in the new JavaFX Script language. It can run widgets written in either JavaFX Script or Java and takes advantage of the latest features in Java SE 6. Please sign up for the user mailing list to hear the latest news! 1.2.4 Release Version: 10/23/09 - 1.2.4 version released to fix Webstart certificate verification issues. 10/20/09 - 1.2.3 is now available. This releases should fix the Launch on Startup issues on 64bit and non-english versions of Windo

Wzvm - Basic javascript implementation of a low level virtual machine.

This is a javascript/PHP implementation of a low level virtual machine. It has a similar syntax to Intel ASM. Wazm Standard by sirdarckcat@gmail.com Overview: The Wazm standard is the only accepted standard for the WZVM project. This document contains the correct syntax that the WZVM accepts. It also shows the standard interruptions, but this ones can be modified depending on the implementation of the WZVM. This program is not intended to emulate Assembly language at all. This program is based o

Validate-bundles - Ant task to validate bundle usage in source files

This project is about creating an ant task to verify unused/duplicate bundle keys in source files. The ant task com.thoughtworks.ant.BundlesValidatorTask provided in the distribution jar, validates bundle files against source files (java and velocity macro) and finds unused and duplicate bundle keys. To create ant task: <taskdef name="bundlesValidator" classname="com.thoughtworks.ant.BundlesValidatorTask"> <classpath> <pathelement path="path/to/bundlesValidator-0.2.jar"/> </classpath> </taskdef>

Robotframework-eclipselibrary - Robot Framework test library for Eclipse RCP applications using SWT

Eclipse LibraryEclipse Library is a Robot Framework library for testing Eclipse RCP applications using SWT widgets Also support of simple Java application using SWT (non RCP). Eclipse Library is based on SWTBot Getting startedInstall Python, Jython and Robot Framework. Install Eclipse Library for Eclipse RCP/SWT application Install Eclipse Library for Java/SWT application Eclipse Library Concepts and SamplesSome test Concepts Keyword DocumentationKeywords documentation and xml file for completio

Ec2-ssh - Quickly SSH to a server by selecting among a list of ec2 instances

IntroSimple bash script that will fetch instances list from AWS and propose a list of EC2 instances to connect to. It will always use a cached copy of your EC2 instances list, which can be refreshed using the "--refresh" command line parameter or manually via the first menu option. Tested on Mac OSX Lion (10.7). SetupRequirementsAmazon EC2 API Tools installed with PATH and all "EC2_xxx" environment variables set Your Amazon PEM key (the one you use to SSH to your EC2 instances) Sample EC2 enviro

Avalanche - Avalanche is a dynamic defect detection tool that generates &quot;inputs of death&quot;

Avalanche overviewAutomatically finds critical software errors Generates "input of death" for each detected error Tracks the flow of "tainted" data in the program Iteratively generates a sequence of inputs to increase the coverage and find new errors Implements dynamic analysis based on open-source Valgrind framework, and STP (Simple Theorem Prover) Runs on x86/Linux and x86_64/Linux See Project Wiki for detailed description, list of detected bugs and usage samples. You can contact us on mailing

Vm-student-organiser - A simple organiser which assists High School students plan tasks and events.

AboutThis is a project aimed at making life easier for high school students, documenting tasks due for each period on a given day and to inform them of a schedule of today and upcoming day's events and due tasks. FacebookLike what we're doing? Show your support and like us on Facebook: Vibrant Metropolis on Facebook Software RequirementsEither: A DER laptop, or; A computer with Adobe AIR installed. Get it here NoticesApologies that the .air installer is not properly signed When running the app o