Virtual Laboratory Environment

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VLE is a multi-modeling and simulation environment to study complex dynamic systems. VLE is based on the discrete event specification DEVS. and it implements the DSDE formalism (A merge of Dynamic Structure DEVS, DSDEVS, with Parallel DEVS, PDEVS). VLE provides a complete set of C++ libraries, called VFL (VLE Foundation Libraries), to develop DEVS models, to gets results of simulations, to launch simulation on cluster. The models can be developed with the DEVS formalism or with the classical mathematical formalism: Ordinary Differential Equation with Euler, Range-Kutta or QSS integrator, Finite state automaton (FDDEVS, UML State chart, Hybrid Petri net). The VLE environment provides an IDE to develop C++ models, DEVS coupled models. VLE have also three ports to use the VFL with Python, Java and R programming languages.



Related Projects


Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites.

Project4moodle - A module enabling project-based learning in the Moodle VLE

Moodle Project Module (aka project4moodle) is an optional module for the popular open source virtual learning environment Moodle.

Telstar - Integrating bibliographic references within Moodle VLE

A set of code libraries to enable the use of bibliographic references with Moodle. Integrates Moodle with bibliographic management software (RefWorks - API key required). Originally produced by The Open University as part of the JISC TELSTAR project.

Vapour Liquid Equilibrium using Java

Vapour Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) is a program written in java for simulation of various VLE calculations like bubble point, dew point, flash point, Pxy and Txy diagrams, etc. It supports user defined methods for activity and fugacity calculations.

Sloodle - Mashup between Second Life & Moodle

SLOODLE Please note: From SLOODLE 2.0 onwards, code is managed at GitHub. SLOODLE (Simulation Linked Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a project to integrate the VLE platform Moodle with the 3D world of Second Life. Imagine a Moodle course that, if you wanted, could turn into a proper 3D interactive classroom with all your Moodle resources available to your students in the virtual world. SLOODLE has been used to support teaching and learning across the

Logicamente-learning - Logicamente

Welcome to the Logicamente project! Logic is a subject offered to many undergraduate courses with different goals and contents. For most of these courses, it is remarkable how Logic represents a pedagogical challenge for both teachers and students, and the recorded number of cases of failures and of discontinuity in studies by the students is often high. Given the need to provide a solid basis on the subject, we propose a set of Learning Object for teaching Logic Applied to Computer Science: the

Internet Mathematics Assessment System

IMathAS is a web-based math assessment and homework system. It is a course/learning management system (CMS/LMS/VLE) and testing system featuring algorithmic questions, similar to WebWork, Webassign, and publisher systems like iLrn, MathXL, etc.

Brainsql - BrainSQL eCampus Learning Management System

The BrainSQL eCampus Learning Management System provides an ideal solution for running an online educational resource site, rather it be a full online university, an individual course, or a tutorial-based site. The system is similar to applications such as Moodle & aTutor, but offers additional features to both the end-user (student), administrators and course instructors. In addition to offering course management, the system also has a set of features that allow for the management of students,

Vle-activity-data - Exposing VLE Activity Data

CARET (University of Cambridge), in conjunction with Hull University and the University of Oxford will be working on a JISC funded project to bring together activity and attention data for our collective institutional VLE environments. You can see the project blog here,

Webappvle - Web Applications VLE

How we can successfully use Web Applications in Educations. Using numerous providers such Google, Zoho, Salesforce and others.