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The Virtual Laboratory for Earth and Planetary Materials (VLab) collaborative GRID-based environment. Concentrating on scientific computation workflows and auto-generation of visualization services. http://vlab.msi.umn.edu




Related Projects

Vlab-sim - Desktop animation of high school laboratories

This project aims at building a web-based model for performing complex experiments requiring simulation virtually over the web.

Bwe - Biological Web Elements

Biological Web Elements library provides an easy way for you to represent biological data on to your website or blog. Biological Web Elements are really easy to use: just choose the features you want, and copy a few lines of code to your website. Inspired by the CARGO widgets and the Google Web Elements API the goal of the library is to provide users with rich representations of biological concepts. Currently the following Biological Web Elements are available: Text-miningiHOP DiseasesTumor type

Vlabs-madas - MaDAS

MaDAS is a collaborative sequence annotation tool. Composed of sophisticated plugins, MaDAS allows users to upload, deploy and analyze their data through a user-friendly interface.

V-labs - Set up an lab for my mini projects.

Set up an lab for my mini projects. 1.Set category by program language.

No-latency-rtsp-streaming - No Latency RTSP streaming

DescriptionNo Latency RTSP Streaming(NLRS) is a live video streaming project. NLRS is designed to broadcast video stream without no or less latency. Our goal is providing video streaming for online lecture (such as online embedded system development course) When users develop a embedded project online, we provide live video feedback. We are also working on the online embedded system lecture project. See this link. Virtual Learning Lab http://vlab.cs.pdx.edu (now, only available pdx network not p

Vlabs - vunite media lab projects

Various projects in the works at vunite media labs WPUpdater - An bash script for updating WordPress directly from the WordPress server. vthemes - Free WordPress themes comment2tweet - A WordPress plugin which posts WordPress blog comments to as tweets to a twitter account. Download comment2tweet v0.4

Tpfisicaiiid2009 - TP Fisica III D 2009

Repositorio creado, para realizar el tp de fisica III 2009 Links de intereshttp://www.astrocosmo.cl/b_p-tiempo/b_p-tiempo-01.01.htmAstrocosmo, explicacion historica y cientifica de espectros atomicos y los experimentos relacionados (entre otras cosas) http://physics.nist.gov/PhysRefData/ASD/lines_form.htmlBase de datos del nist con tablas de longitudes de onda de los espectros de distintos elementos http://jersey.uoregon.edu/vlab/elements/Elements.htmlTabla periodica interactiva con graficas del

Vlabdownload - Virtual Laboratory

Virtual Laboratory Download pages Это дополнение к проекту http://ru.vlab.wikia.com Пред�тавл�ет �обой поддержку различных проектов, о�уще�вл�емых в рамках проекта Virtual Laboratory, �реди них проекты: 1. по разработке гибкой архитектуры игр http://ru.vlab.wikia.com/wiki/ Гибка� архитектура игр 2. �озданию (�имул�ции) ро

vlab2 - vlab2 rails mockup

vlab2 rails mockup

ContosoCookBook - examples from VLab Center - Windows Apps

examples from VLab Center - Windows Apps