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Vizant is an Apache Ant task to visualize an ant build file using GraphViz.



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Project-analysis - Ant to build War with all the reports of the best open source analysis tools

Is a simple ant that put together all the major analysis tools. So if you are building a project on your own and you don't want to spend time in the set up of the environment, but you still want all the reports, documentation and statistics of the most used tools, give it a try. Tools now implemented : Javadoc Findbugs Junit Emma Soon : Jester Pmd SchemaSpy Testability explorer Under evaluation : Vizant, Grand, Checkstyle, Dependency finder, AntDoc, Hammurapi, Java2Html, JCSC

Jantrunner - gui to execute ant build files

Configurable GUI to execute Ant build files Example of a configuration file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><config><options logger="" /><timer interval="20" execute="js.timer" file="javascript.xml" /><buttons> <button name="#1" execute="js.simpletest1" file="javascript.xml" description="executes js.simpletest1"/> <button name="#2" execute="js.simpletest2" file="javascript.xml" description="executes js.simpletest1"/> <button name="fail" execute="


Produce graph using Graphviz ( ) from Ant build files forked from sourceforge vizant.