Vivid3D 2 - DirectX 10 3D ToolKit

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Advanced 3d toolkit built around the visual studio 2010 (pro or trial) ide. All editors and tools are coded as visual studio addins, in C#(The same lang as the engine). Currently has DX10 and DX11 renderers.Can add new api support via a single plugin. Uses CS-Script/SlimDX.



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Vivid-runtime-game-engine - A 2D/3D game engine for vivid runtime

This project aims at creating a 2D/3D game engine which will help game developers while creating games.

Amao - A open source animation control project

The basic target of this project is to provide a framework for controlling animations of 3D models. It defines basic behaviors of animation, inter-media control signals between models and platform-dependent 3D rendering programs. It consists of a schema (jaxb2 friendly), utilities for converting and registering actions and a simple demonstration of how this mechanic works (based on JOGL). Later we will give a vivid demo about 3D animation controls. Developers can use this project on different le