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The Visu program is a lightweight GTK+ interactive visualization tool for 2D or 3D simulation data, rendering through the VTK library. Features include: reading data in a variety of formats, display the data as scalars, vectors, height fields, and lev



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Jpdvis - Java protein domain structure visualization

Project descriptionProject aims to develop a tool based on the Processing that helps in visualization of domain structure and repeats within proteins. Based on the idea of visualization of repeats in strings: Wattenberg, M. (2002) Arc Diagrams: Visualizing Structure in Strings. Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Information Visu-alization. IEEE Computer Society. Useful linksHere is original post on the visualization of the domain structure at Freelancing Science blog. daTAA server has a first

Jive - JIVE is an interactive execution environment for Eclipse that supports a declarative and visu

JIVE: Java Interactive Visualization EnvironmentJIVE is an interactive execution environment for Eclipse that supports a declarative and visual approach to debugging object-oriented software. It can also serve as a pedagogic tool for teaching object-oriented programming. JIVE extends Eclipse's Java debugging facilities with interactive visualization, query-based debugging, and reverse stepping. JIVE is developed by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University at Buffalo.

xOWL Infrastructure

The xOWL Infrastructure brings the Model-Driven Engineering principles to domain experts by enabling them to build, execute and test models through visual notations specific to their domain. Experts from different domains can interact with the same model through different visu...

Stylecopext - StyleCop Extensions

OverviewThe goal of this project is to write extensions for StyleCop that are commonly needed to provide the development community with the level of control over their code and projects that they wish. Current RulesCurrently we have only the following rule. To request a rule to be implemented click the Issue Tracking at the top and add the rule you desire as a feature. Instance variables require underscore prefix example: private int _id; Installation InstructionsClose all open instances of Visu

Theatreparadise - visu 2010 PolytechParisSud

How to have a global idea of who is speaking, when and to who, without having to read the book.

Gimv - Gimv (Google Web Toolkitâ„¢ Image Viewer) is a framework for creating user interfaces to visu

The Gimv FrameworkThe Gimv library contains a variety of user interface components to work with all kinds of rendered images e.g. charts or maps. Featurescontains interface components that support dragging bounding box zoom mouse wheel zoom keyboard commands tool-tips overview images browser history support calendar component for time series charts image move (e.g. with arrows) can be easily embedded into larger applications aims to be flexible and customizable uses proven design techniques like

Optwinac - OptWinAC On Board OS, this is a simple operating system. It was Programmed in C# and Visu

This is a simple operating system. It was Programmed in C# and Visual Basic. It actually runs 'On-Board' Such an operating system has never been created before. It means that it is an Operating system that runs as if it were any other type of windows XP and Vista application/software. It aims to give Vista Users a better expeirence, by creating an operating system that runs on Vista, also known as a OBOS (On-Board Operating System) you can just launch, this almost never failing operating system

Revealerwebaccess - Revealer Toolkit Web Access

Revealer Web Access (RWA) is a frontend web application designed to use and manage the Revealer Toolkit (RVT) computer forensics software. The aim of this project is to provide a visual, easy and intuitive management of RVT, extending its functionality. RWA is designed to implement the following features: Investigator authentification. Case/device/disk management using context menus Case/device/disk navigation Select and automate RVT scripts execution based on queues Provide plugins for the visu

Visugps - GPS track viewers in AJAX and FLASH (VisuGps) and live GPS tracking (VGpsMobile)

English versionVisuGps is looking for developpersThe current phone client is written in Java. If you feel you can help by porting the client to native OSes (IPhone, Symbian, Windows, Android) you are welcome to contribute. What is VisuGps?VisuGps application suite is composed of VisuGps - render tracks on top of Google Maps / IGN Geoportal using Ajax VisuGpsFlash - render tracks on top of Google Maps for Flash using action script VisuGpsMobile - J2ME software enabling live tracking on mobile pho