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Visual 3D controls for Silverlight.



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Converter from grib to Vis5d

The program grib2v5d converts the content of a grib file (a format used for exchanging meteorological model fields) into a file that can be viewed with Vis5d, a popular program for 3-D visualisation of meteorological fields.

Graphvis - 3D Graph Visualization Tool

GraphVis3D is a tool for graph visualization and editing in 3D. It's capable to work with graphs up to several thousands vertexes in real time. A short description and a user manual are available (rus only). Some screenshots: Classic Zachary's karate club graph with auto-calculated drawing aesthetics: Scientific collaboration network (, |V|=379, |E|=914) Video introduction


enhancements and development for the Vis5d scientific visualization tool, a program to display volumetric datasets in 3+ dimensions.

Binvis - Binary File Visualization

Welcome to the BinVis projectBinVis is a C# based project to visualize binary-file structures in unique ways. - The visual way for reverse engineering and forensics. (Currently I'm going to add some documentation regarding the used visualization algorithms.) Specifically BinVis can help you to look for suspicious parts in packed or encrypted files like binaries, and to locate relevant offsets. It provides a visual overview for easier orientation and deeper insight. Features of BinVisvisual and a

Finishstrike - Horus Tool Kit

English: Horus is a tool kit developed with the intention to provide generic codes to applications that controls any kind of smart agents. Portuguese: O horus consiste em tool kit para desenvolvimento de aplicações de controle de agentes inteligentes.


Tk-based standalone graphing system and extensible graphing library with a huge range of 2d modes (maybe 3d soon?) written in Python (Python/Tk are 100% cross platform)

Jndi-resources - Génération et installation des fichiers de paramétrage pour la publication de re

"Écrit une fois, installé partout"Vous avez des difficultés à paramétrer les Datasources ou les files JMS pour JBoss ou Tomcat ? Vous ne comprenez rien aux paramétrages des serveurs d'applications ? JNDI-Resources est fait pour vous.jndi-resources est un utilitaire qui permet aux composants JEE d'exprimer leurs besoins en terme de ressources JNDI (DataSource, JMS, URL, Javamail, Host, annuaires, etc.) et de générer automatiquement tous les fichiers de configuration permettant leurs publi

SGL: A Scene Graph Library

SGL is a cross-platform, C++, scene graph API for real-time visualization (e.g., vis-sim, gaming, scientific modelling, GIS apps). It manages all the data needed to render a 3D scene using OpenGL.

Desafioxna2009 - Arquivos do projeto Desafio XNA

Repositório de dados e conteúdo projeto xnachallenge 2009: DetalhesJogo = Mistura de The Sims e Sim City Número de Telas a desenvolver = 4 1- Menu Inicial 2- Seleção de personagem (para dar uma idéia apenas, não gostei das cores e disposição geral, falta o palco com o personagem mini-craque em cima kkk. O menu da Onu da direita não será este, devemos criar um nosso com outras características e cor combinando, além do que animações para cada icone de

Pynbody - N-Body/SPH analysis for python

Pynbody is intended as a light-weight, portable, format-transparent analysis framework for N-body and SPH astrophysical simulations. Written in python, the core tools are accompanied by a library of high-quality publication-level analysis routines. (Or, at least, that's the aim; if you're looking for something polished perhaps check back in a few months.) Get started with Installation and browse through an index of pynbody's functionality With a little ingenuity, pynbody can be used to render vi