OpenLink Virtuoso (Open-Source Edition)

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Virtuoso is a scalable cross-platform server that combines Relational, Graph, and Document Data Management with Web Application Server and Web Services Platform functionality.



Related Projects

Irbu-lod - IRBU-LOD

Información de Recorridos de Buses de la UTPL con Linked Open Data, proyecto semántico del IRBU original, podiendo utilizar la conexión a Virtuoso para la recuperación de datos. Tesis Christian Mora Tesis - Sistema de Información de Recorridos de los Buses de la UTPL - WEB - Android

Spyder-web - A faceted browser for sparql endpoints

A python enabled wsgi application to serve content from a Sparql endpoint. It is designed to allow multiple Sparql endpoints to be served from a single Apache installation with mod_wsgi.


Alternative OpenSource based server for the Pinnacle ShowCenter, Neuston Virtuoso MC-500, Actiontec Wireless Digital Media Player and other compatible systems.


dotNetRDF is a RDF, SPARQL and Semantic Web API written in C# for .Net 3.5 and higher It provides an object model for manipulating RDF and querying it using SPARQL. Additionally it supports a variety of popular triple stores including 4store, Sesame and Virtuoso.

Kimnetdemos - Demos for Ontotext's KIM and OWLIM for Java and NET, GATE demos

News: 20 Feb 2011: Version 0.11 of the open-source desktop Sesame Windows Client (SWC) application is available. SWC is a Windows GUI application for RDF. SWC is a client tool for a Sesame 2 RDF server, SPARQL endpoint, Virtuoso, AllegroGraph and can be used as a out-of-the-box local triplestore. It comes with a third party OWL reasoner from Ontotext. It offers advanced SPARQL querying and handles Sesame server administrative tasks. SWC also works with Mono. The goal of this project is to collec

Mocassin - Mathematical Semantic Search engINe (MocaSSIN)

Free open source framework for targeted search of mathematical scholarly papers FeaturesIndexing mathematical papers in Latex as LOD compliant RDF data Mining the document logical structure (see details in our WIMS'11 slides) Resolving combinations of structured queries and full text queries: Metadata search Semantic search of mathematical entities such as theorems, proofs, lemmas, definitions etc. connected with relations Combine keyword search and search over the document logical structure Per

Veclipse - Virtuoso Plugin for Eclipse

Eclipse plugin for Virtuoso PL development. Due to change in strategy, this is currently developed privately. We might release something every now and then.

Surfrdf - Object RDF Mapper, Surf the Semantic Web

AboutSuRF is a Python library for working with RDF data in an Object-Oriented way. In SuRF, RDF nodes (subjects and objects) are represented as Python objects and RDF arcs (predicates) as their attributes. SuRF is an Object RDF Mapper (ORM), similar in concept to Object Relational Mappers like SQLAlchemy. SuRF was inspired by ActiveRDF for Ruby. DocumentationCheck the latest documentation at: An outdated presentation of SuRF at EUROPYTHON 2009 is available here,

Virtuoso-music-editor - Virtuoso Music Editor

About Virtuoso OMEVirtuoso is an Online Music Editor tool that will allow musicians to easily edit and share their scores from the Internet. Virtuoso's GUI is built on top of the SPAS 3.0 API to be displayed faster than other Web applications. The Virtuoso file format is based on the MusicXML 2.0 Definition which is compatible with more than 125 music softwares.