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virtualization environment abstraction library.



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Save-a-day - Save a day idea

We need to start work with our virtues. This will be part of project which will be used by developers.


Virtu is an Apple IIe emulator for the .NET Framework using C# with Silverlight, WPF, and XNA.

Virtuemart-tag-cloud - VirtueMart Tag Cloud

"VirtueMart Tag Cloud" generates automatically a Cloud or a List with the most used words from your VirtueMart Products (Select from: Name, Short , Full Description ) sized by their amount of appearance. Clicking on the words you are redirect to the category page with results for this word ( or detail page if there is only 1 match). translators wanted, traducteurs voulu, traductores quería, Übersetzer gesucht, traduttori voluto, vertal


VirtuSwarm is a WIP project consisting of virtual, non-thinking 'particles' that will inhabit a folder. There, they will live, evolve via their own genetic code, and die. VirtuSwarm is a research project for biomimicry and game theory.

Cablecms - A date-based content management system

CABLE is a date-based, multi-user content management/publishing system. It is fully themeable, extensible, and highly modular. Default plugins allow for a blog-based publication model, although plugins may be written to allow for virtually limitless applications. CABLE utilizes MySQL databases, and is extremely fast by virtue of aggressive caching and low overhead.

Bueros - BueROS - The Buer Research Operating System

A research operating system, created for x86 assembly learning, and to reach a better consciousness of data structures management. "Buer is a spirit that appears in the 16th century grimoire Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and its derivatives, where he is described as a Great President of Hell, having fifty legions of demons under his command. He appears when the Sun is in Sagittarius. Buer teaches Natural and Moral Philosophy, Logic, and the virtues of all herbs and plants." (Wikipedia)


Virtue is a virtual desktop manager for MacOS 10.4. It is based upon the work done by Rich Wareham on DesktopManager (

Goodrelations-for-joomla - Official GoodRelations extension for VirtueMart, the OS e-commerce soluti

Breaking News!!! A version compatible with Joomla 2.5 and VirtueMart 2 was released on 21.02.2012! >> User group for goodrelations-for-joomla >> Download >> Troubleshooting: V3 is currently in alpha stage. Issue reports should be posted to the designated troubleshooting google group thread Quick IntroductionAim and Benefits Tool Features Installation Guidlines GoodRelations GoodRelations in Google GoodRelations enhancements for other shopping carts Rich Snippets and Semantic SEO with GoodRelatio

Django-social-economics - Economic relationships for loosely-connected groups implemented in Django

The economic relationships are based on the REA (Resources, Events and Agents) model: REA has the virtue of supporting any economic relationships, not limited to formal companies or money. For example, whuffie accounting for open-source software projects (see obols below) or barter among friends (see swaps below). (But of course it will also support the usual economic relationships within a company but also across companies or among members of