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complete typo3 server in a virtual machine



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A cross-platform, multimedia interpreter for TADS adventure games.

Mono-sane - A C#/Mono .NET Interface to SANE

SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) is the common platform for accessing scanners and other static capture imaging equipment for Linux/BSD-based computers. SANE has the widest support for a large variety of scanning equipment, including photographic-plate, film, high speed document imagers and duplex scanners. SANE project: Because there are few easy memory-leak-proof libraries to work with the SANE backend, writing new programs with Mono/C# to use scanning equipment is d

Ctypes-vddk - A python3000 wrapper that makes "Virtual Disk Development Kit" easy and clea

Virtual Disk Development Kit from VMware makes virtual disk manipulation easy, however, C/C++ interface is not suitable for thrown-away scripting style. ctypes-vddk acts as glue, and makes VMDK operation a lot easier. Currently, 32bit Windows and 32bit Linux are fully supported. Python3000 is required. VMware Virtual Disk Development Kit is required, which can be downloaded from VMware official site. For help on VDDK, please refer to Virtual Disk API Programming Guide. Sample Code: from VMDK imp

Vmfs - Open Source Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) Driver

Open Source VMFS DriverThis driver enables read-only access to files and folders on partitions formatted with the Virtual Machine File System (VMFS). VMFS is a clustered file system that is used by the VMware ESX hosts to store virtual machines and virtual disk files. The VMFS driver comes with command line interface (CLI) tools to mount and analyze VMFS volumes. The VMFS driver was tested on Linux and Windows based hosts, but should work on any platform that supports Java. The driver supports V

Mckonsole - A fun little virtual environment for the web.

A command line web OS written in Javascript (and HTML, of course). It has it's own virtual file system, jsvfs (also by me). mcKonsole uses the current jsvfs, which has no persistant storage; so obviously, you shouldn't store/create any important files. Not to mention, mcKonsole would not be a good choice as an underlying system for another OS. However, mcKonsole's virtual file system (jsvfs) is easy to program and write from scratch. Using javascript, a jsvfs file would make a good plugin, or mo

3dtours - 3D virtual reality tool written in C# .NET 2.0 by Thai Minh Hoang Ha and Dang Duc Vinh

3DTours is a C# 3D virtual reality tool based on the open source Irrlicht 3D engine and Microsoft .NET framework 2.0, can be used to demonstrate a tourism site, a building, an art gallery or whatever you can imagine of. Developed by Thai Minh Hoang Ha and Dang Duc Vinh. 3DTours là công cụ mô ph�ng hiện thực ảo trong không gian 3 chi�u, dựa trên engine Irrlicht và được viết bằng ngôn ngữ C# .NET 2.0. Bạn có thể sử dụng công cụ này trong việc mô ph�

Mybpmn - MyBPMN -- the next-generation BPM (SOAer)

MyBPMN is the Open Source BPM Solution that will enable you to model, execute and improve your business processes through a graphic environment and without the need of programming. The current development roadmap includes:1. MyBPMN Designer is a BPMN Modeling application based on Eclipse 3.5, and powered by EMF/GMF. 2. MyBPMN Engine is fully compatible with BPMN 1.2. Will also provide early all support for BPMN 2.0 features. 3. MyBPMN Web Management Console. Features:1. BPMN1.2/BPMN2.0 Process M

Wiikeyboard - Using Virtual Keyboard with wiimote

IntroductionWiikeyboard is an open source human-computer interface that allows us to use a virtual on-screen keyboard using a Wii Remote. Projects detailsThe project was developed by students at the University of Messina, Faculty of Engineering, coordinated by Prof. Giancarlo iannizzotto (VisiLab - Computer Vision Laboratory ). Software requirementsWiikeyboard has been tested on Ubuntu 10.04. You should also have the following packages or libraries installed: libgtk2.0-dev libglib2.0-dev libblue

Pypop3d - concise, clear, customisable python pop3 daemon with unit tests

A pop3 daemon in python: Virtual users and maildir by default. Runs behind inetd or similar. Stick it behind stunnel too if you want pop3s. Easy to change and customize: Single file - no dependencies, except to libraries that ship with Python. Less than 500 lines of code with license and doc comments (but without the test suite). Object oriented. MailDirMailDrop is under 50 lines of code because it extends AbstractMailDrop. Mail drops, authentication methods, texts presented to the user - these

Virtualinput - GUI application simulating keyboard with text prediction mechanism

About VirtualInput VirtualInput is an open source program whose main function is to act as a real keyboard operating on Linux system. It could be particularly useful for tablets, netbook, PDA and other devices that require a pen-based interface. Description The software has been developed by two students enrolled in Master Studies in Computer Engineering of the University of Messina (Italy), Faculty of Engineering and it is supervised by Prof. Giancarlo Iannizzotto, coordinator of Visilab (The C