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VirOS is software that generates LiveOS distributions which are based on community and enterprise upstream/ancestor distributions.



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Virojava - viro_java

For my research project. Just a piece of code

Veil-viro-umn - veil-click code for the Click Modular Router based realization of VEIL network archi

VEIL-VIRO umn networking homepage A video demonstration of the VEIL routing architecture MotivationToday’s Internet is increasingly strained to meet the demands and requirements of these Internet services and their users, such as scalability to accommodate the increasing number of network components and host devices, high availability (i.e., “always-on� services), robustness, mobility and security. As the universal “glue� that pieces together various heterogeneous physical networks, th

viro-dev - Dev repo for internal use. All rights reserved.

Dev repo for internal use. All rights reserved.